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About Jessica:

Who are you?
My name is Jessica Deng and I’m a college student pursuing my degree in Hospitality Management and a young professional working in a commercial real estate firm where I am making my way into online marketing and social media. I am also a Contributing Editor for IRealyLikeFood where I write about  my food adventures and much more. I’m a social media junkie and absolutely love coffee.

Where are you?                            
When my parents and eldest sister came to America they lived in The Bronx, New York. After my second was born and when I turned 3, my family and I moved to Bensonhurst, Brooklyn where we have been living the past 21 years.

Favorite food:
This is a hard one because there’s a lot of food I love to eat. If I really had to pick one than it would be: dumplings.  I absolutely love dumplings because I’ve been eating it for most of my life and it’s just full of juicy and meaty goodness. I love my dumplings fried or steamed, with meat or just vegetables, and in any way, shape, or form.

Least favorite food:
I simply cannot handle foods that smell like rotten eggs and socks especially the disgusting fruit: durian. The unusual odor has prompted me to have an intense disgust of this hideous fruit.

What makes you a foodie?
I've never classified myself has a foodie but I am. I've always had a side to me that absolutely love food! I have a passion for sharing my writing and photography, so with both skills I've been able to apply it to to another love of mine: blogging. I love to cook. I love to try new foods and restaurants. I simply just love food.

Favorite color:
Blue and sea-foam blue

Favorite Quote:
 “The learning process never stops” – Tom Hopkins

Fun Fact:
I like to go shopping with coupons especially at major retail shops because I’m able to save a ton of money and sometimes I even strike up a good deal.

About William:

Who are you?
My name is William Cheng and I am currently a full-time associate at a commercial real state firm where I focus on the NYC Metropolitan area. Outside of work, I like to go to the gym, spend time with my friends, and go on food adventures with my girlfriend Jess.

Where are you?
I’ve been living in Brooklyn all of my life and have no plans of moving outside of New York City any time soon.

Favorite Food:
Whether it’s hot or cold, I love a good and heavenly bowl of Pho Xe Lua (House Special Rice Noodle Soup) with a dash of hot sauce and Hoisin sauce. This is my favorite food because most  usually serve it to me in a big bowl of noodles with a combination of different ingredients and a savory beefy broth.

Least favorite Food:
I love to eat shrimp, but I absolutely detest the smell and taste of shrimp paste. Thanks to my mother who made pork chops with shrimp paste for dinner at one point and scared the living lights out of me.

What makes you a foodie?  
My father has been in the restaurant business since 1980 and I constantly hear him talk in length of the details to the quality of food and his expectations in his restaurant. Of course, that is not the only reason to what made me a foodie however, I have been dining out a lot from from different variety of cuisines and experience the difference between low and high quality food that follows along with a price tag you pay for. Growing in NYC and being surrounded by many choices of food that is available is an excellent advantage you have over other cities and suburban areas. I have to say that there is no place like NYC where you are surrounded with the many options that you can have. 

Favorite color: Blue and Green

Favorite quote:
"That fourteen-hundred and forty minutes, and how we invest that time every single day will determine where we go" -Keith Otto

Fun Fact:
As I was growing up, I constantly used ketchup as my go-to sauce where I was often refer to as a "ketchup feen" 

About the Food Blog:

We have struggled with finding the perfect and ideal name for our blog until Will mentioned “Ambitious Eats” and that’s when a light bulb lit up in my head and said “This works” because Will and I are always eager to try new restaurants, food, and we try to cook. We both have a true passion for food and have decided on working together on this project and adventure of trying different recipes, restaurants, and foods.

So with all this said, Welcome to our lives of endless food expeditions!


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