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Two Hands Restaurant

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've last written here. I started working full-time for a month now and it's been super busy, fun and tiring all at the same time. So far everything is going swell.

I have a 3.5 day weekend this weekend since I got off early on Friday at 2PM and tomorrow I am off, finally can take advantage of the free time with blogging and writing my Yelp reviews! So we're back tracking to food places I've tried Mid-April and through the summer.

So,  I've been to Two Hands Cafe on Mott Street last year and I finally was able to try Two Hands Restaurant & Bar this April with a friend. We've both been wanting to check this place out. 

We came on a Friday afternoon and boy was it crowded! We ended up sitting at the bar which was fine since it was just the two of us. This location is slightly bigger than the Mott Street location, but I think the Mott Street location has nicer decor and it feels more comfortable. We both ordered a drink a…