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Orlando Trip - Portobello

Hi everyone! I'm back in action, this past month or so have been busy. I went away with Will and his family to Toronto for a few days during July 4th weekend, we been on a house hunting trail, and I've been job hunting and been running all around interviewing. I've accumulated a few rejections and waiting to hear back on a few companies. Tomorrow, Thursday and Friday I've got a few and hopefully it'll go well.

I'm taking a break from the job hunting right now and moving along to catching up with my food blog, so we're going to backtrack to my Orlando trip. Will and I ate at Portobello (an Italian restaurant) that was located inside Disney Springs (Downtown Disney). My heart is heavy since I found out they've closed since we ate there for dinner just after a few hours of being engaged.
We arrived to Portobello around 6-6:30PM and was happy to see that the restaurant had a lot of seats available. We sat down and looked at the menu and everything sounded a…