Orlando Trip - Cinderella's Royal Table

I've always wanted to see the Cinderella's Castle in real life, but never did I think I could eat inside of it. I heard that to eat inside you have to make a reservation three months prior to your visit.

Will had told me he made reservations for the third day (Sunday, April 2nd) at Cinderella's Royal Table where we could have lunch there. I was excited at the same time because I absolutely love Disney princesses (well most of them), please read on my blog for the complete review of my day.

There was a lot of people lining up for lunch at the castle. I read reviews on Yelp about the experience and how four princesses would come out to greet all the guests, take a picture, and sign an autograph. The restaurant/castle was humongous and big. Our waitress gave me a magic wand and referred the women as "princess" and gave a sword to Will and refer the men as "lord".

Chef's Tasting Table
We had a Prix-Fixe menu which included the Chef's Tasting Table (a platter of cured meats, cheese, and other special selections of the castle). I love the cured meats, but not a fan of the cheese and never have been especially if it has a pungent smell.

For entree, I had the Chef's Fish of the Day which was salmon, assorted vegetables, and fingerling potatoes. My entree was alright, nothing too extravagant. I didn't really like the artichokes and olives in my dish. I've never been a fan of olives.

Will had the Beef & Shrimp (grilled beef tenderloin with crushed fingerling potato confit, shrimp, and seasonal vegetables). His dish looked more filling and savory, but unfortunately the beef was a little too rare for him. He can't have overly pink/red meat.

The waitress didn't take our order for desserts which I was a bit concerned about, but later realized why as Will ended up getting down on one knee and proposing and dessert did come as well as two glasses of sparking cider.

The experience at Cinderella's Royal Table was extravagant! It was the most romantic, fun, and exciting experience I've had on the entire trip. The staff and everyone at the castle were very humble, lovely, friendly, and hospitable! This was truly a magical lunch!


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