New World Mall Food Court

A friend recommend New World Mall Food Court for Will and I to try because it's inexpensive and food is on par. The food court is located at the lower level of New World Mall where you'll find over 15+ vendors, a lot of seating, and restrooms too.

There's a wide variety of Asian and Southeast Asian cuisines where food stalls offer Malaysian, Thai, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese and Taiwanese specialties. From dumplings, soups, hot pots, bowls, prepared meals, desserts, literally a potpourri of Asian dishes. Walking through the food court I was feeling a little overwhelmed by the the choice, the aromas, and the crowds of people.

Will and I tried based on what we were recommended by our friend and Yelp. So this is what we ended up with:

Will ordered the fried giant squid combo ($8.50) from Cheers Cut which came with two different sauces, a side salad, rice, vegetables, and seaweed salad. The fried giant squid was absolutely delicious! It was fried and cooked just right, not tough to chew.

I ordered the pork pan-fried dumplings ($5.99) which came with ten pieces by the way. Holy cow, the wait took forever but I can understand why because the women behind the counter pan fry it upon ordering so it takes 10-15 minutes. There's at least 5-6 women working behind that counter making dumplings, frying and cooking dumplings and other dishes, and so much more. It also came with some vegetables and dumpling sauce too. The pan-fried dumplings were delicious, golden, and crispy.

Cheong Fun
I noticed that E Noodles was at New World Mall Food Court and I noticed that they had their delicious Cheong Fun, so without any hesitation I ordered it as well. It was $3.90, but I noticed this place charges tax. The women behind the counter aren't the nicest I may admit, but their cheong fun from here is bomb! It's steamed just perfectly and the peanut and hoisin sauce is just perfect too! I love that this is so inexpensive and so delicious!

Overall, it was a good and inexpensive dining experience here. I've been here twice so far and I love it, but of course more visits will be required in the near future so I can try the other foods here. I think next on my list is the hand pulled noodle (haven't had that in ages). You can definitely come here for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. Looking forward to my next visit!

Below are links to the places I visited in the Food Court:


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