What's Cooking in My Kitch

I been finding myself cooking a lot more since the year has begun. I been trying out different recipes, but also trying to master the dishes my mom makes. I would like to show you some of the dishes I've been whipping up. There's no recipe written down for these yet, but maybe some time I will write them down and turn it into a recipe post for you.

If you have any questions about the dishes that's been made, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. Enjoy!

Savory Oatmeal
I've seen recipes where you can make savory oatmeal, so I took a stab at it one weekend. The result? It needs work. I used chicken broth and Italian herbs and spices, along with a poached egg.

Chicken Rice Noodle Soup
This is a noodle soup I made earlier in the year where I was craving for noodle soup just about every week. I used chicken broth to make the soup and added in my own fried egg.

Valentine's Day meal
This year Will and I agreed not to get each other Valentine's Day gift to save a little money and also because I think we already give and get a lot for each other. However, he did come home and surprise me with a beautiful bouquet of roses. 

I decided to cook him a Valentine's Day dinner which was creamy tomato soup with homemade croutons (yep I made them for the very first time) and a lemon shrimp linguine with a rose (yep I made that too) for him.

Stuffed Fuzzy Melon and Stuffed Pepper with Fish Paste
Here's two Chinese dishes I learned how to cook for the very first time and courtesy of Pinterest. The stuffed fuzzy melon is a dish my mom made at home from time to time. The stuffed pepper with fish paste didn't exactly come out as I wanted it to be. The fish paste would fall out during the cooking process, so need to figure out a way to make that sucker stick and not fall out next time.

Meat Patty
This is another dish that I made for the very first time and can use work. I had leftover meat from the stuffed melon and I am not the type to waste food if it's still usable, I'll use it. 

Mom's Vermicelli
This is my version of my mom's vermicelli. She usually makes this dish for holidays or big family dinners. I added cabbage and dried scallops to mine. It is delicious. I can literally eat a whole plate of this and be happy doing it. 

I've been trying to cook breakfast a lot more and I am actually getting better at it with making French Toast, Hong Kong style French Toast, oatmeal, and making my own waffles at home too. It feels pretty good to learn and cook so much.


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