Mango Mango - Brooklyn,NY

I've been falling in love with mango and mango desserts, so when I heard Mango Mango had opened up in Brooklyn, boy was I happy. I've already been to the Flushing and Chinatown location to order take-out, but never had the opportunity to sit and indulge.

Although I heard mixed reviews about the Brooklyn location, I still decided to try it out for myself with Will. We came on one of the windiest and frigid Saturdays last month and luckily Mango Mango wasn't crowded at all. The Brooklyn location is definitely a lot bigger and much more chic. There's a decent amount of seating and they're pretty comfortable too.

Before I move on to discuss about what we ordered and our thoughts, I just have to say the service here is preposterous! The waitresses took our orders quick, but the wait time for these two desserts was absolutely ridiculous. The desserts we ordered weren't very complicated to make nor would it take very long to make. I've been to many Asian dessert spots before and it doesn't take 30 minutes for two desserts to be made.

I noticed the waitresses were mostly just standing around, chit chatting, and playing with their smartphones. I know this isn't a corporate business, but it's still a business and I think it's unprofessional while customers are waiting for their food.

I wanted to order the Mango juice with watermelon and rice ball, but it is a seasonal item. I ordered the Snow white mango juice with sago and pomelo (A4) and Will had the Strawberry mango juice sago and lychee jelly with mango ice cream and grass jelly (A5).

My dessert was alright. It tastes just like similar mango desserts I've had before. The mango didn't taste like it was fresh, total bummer. Will's dessert actually looked really good, colorful, and tasty. The mangoes in his dessert also didn't look fresh cut either. Everything else was alright.

It felt like it took forever to get a check from the waitresses too.

Overall, I was not very pleased nor satisfied with the lack of customer service at Mango Mango. I don't know where they hire these waitresses. I was really excited to try this Mango Mango especially since it's in the borough of where I live, but the excitement got killed when I saw how there was little to no effort in customer service. Desserts were okay, but not great. I probably won't be back here unless the service improves.


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