Why I Love Hometown Hot Pot

If you haven't noticed already there's been a huge boom of hot pot (shabu shabu) restaurants and more and more people are going out for hot pot instead because it's a fun bonding experience and some hot pot restaurants have offers that is too good to refuse.

Hometown Hot Pot opened in 2015, best known for their all-you-can-eat hot pot and Korean Barbecue. I've been here 3-4 times already in the last year and it's always been a delight to eat here.

Hometown Hot Pot is super spacious with 2.5 floors of seating and beautiful and interesting decor.
The staff here are friendly, just a little strict about reservations as you must have at least 6-8 people to minimum to make a reservation.

I've never tried their Korean Barbecue so I can't say anything about it. However, I can talk about their hot pot. So first off the prices are:
  • Hot Pot: $23.99 (per person)
  • BBQ: $27.99 (per person)
  • Hot Pot & BBQ: $31.99 (per person)
  • Children under 4 1/2 feet - half price

Their hot pot menu has eight soup bases you choose from, but they also have duo hot pot - choose any two flavors or trio hot pot - choose any three flavors. They have over 20+ items to choose from. They've also added some new menu items like: stuffed tofu, stuffed tofu skin, stuffed lotus, stuffed peppers, stuffed okra, and stuffed dough stick. It's really just seasoned,flavored fish paste. They also have beverage menu (soda, beer, wine, smoothies, teas, and etc).

The restaurant also has tong sui (sweet dessert soup) that you can have after dinner. In addition, if you check-in on Yelp you get a free scoop of ice cream. 

In addition, there's also a rule that if you're coming here to celebrate yours or someone's birthday, you MUST bring an 8 inch cake and you do have the option of eating it there or not in order for the person to eat for free. This rule applies 3 days before or 3 days after, as long as you or someone brings an ID to verify their birthday.

Tip: I highly recommend NOT wearing your best clothes here because of the ventilation and combination of all the smells will make you leave here smellier (herbal/food) than you can imagine, take my word for it.

I enjoy Hometown Hot Pot more than 99 Favors simply because their portions are a lot large and there's more variety to enjoy and savor. 


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