Coffee Review: AVA Brew

Last year, I've learned that a new coffeehouse was opened in Downtown Brooklyn. It's located near an old company I had worked for.

AVA Brew serves up Brooklyn-roasted Pushcart Coffee and their delicious pastries too. It's set in the base of the new AvaDoBro building. This coffee shop is perfect if you need to pop out and grab your coffee to go, but also great to sit and relax with a coffee, organic tea, or even craft beer or wine (most recent addition to this spot).

The manager wanted to create a community hub in Brooklyn's busiest neighborhood, giving locals an alternative to the big chain coffee dealers that currently line its street. Downtown Brooklyn already has several Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts outlets, but no local coffeehouses like along Cobble Hill and etc.

AVA Brew - Image Credit to Multi-Family Executive
The spacious espresso bar has a cozy, comfortable atmosphere. There's a decent amount of seating here and definitely a good place to come to get some work done or for a casual meeting.

I happened to be in the area a few weeks ago so I met up with a friend, but also grabbed a cold brew.

Cold Brew
The cold brew was delightful I definitely enjoyed it more than Starbucks. I went in mid-afternoon and it wasn't very crowded at all so it was nice to enjoy the cold brew at this comfortable coffee shop. They also have good, cafe-like music.

I would highly recommend AVA Brew for anyone that's interested in trying different local coffee shops, something outside of Starbucks & Dunkin' Donuts. This is definitely a good spot to come to do work, meet someone, or bring a book by to read while enjoying a beer, wine, or coffee.


  1. No offence, but like maybe you should spell check your work.

    1. Thank you for your comment, but I think you mean no offense*

  2. bring a book by to read while enjoying a beer, wine, or coffee.

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