Slurping Noodles at ICHIRAN

The day after Christmas, Will and I had lunch, caught up, and traded our Christmas gifts with Sam and Alex.  We opted for ICHIRAN - the famous Japanese ramen chain and known for their one-of-a-kind soup - the ivory pork broth.

I was so happy that when Will and I arrived that there was no line outside because I've seen pictures on Yelp that the line was horrendous. I guess the hype is somewhat over. If you've done your research or asked around, ICHIRAN is unlike any other ramen restaurant. On one side of the restaurant, you have a bright room with tables, red lanterns, and promotional posters while the other side was filled with long rows of booths to yourself and it's great if you're coming to eat by yourself and prefer less human interaction.

Outside of Restaurant & Their Menu

Their menu is super customized! I like this system because you can make it customized to your liking and it's personalized. I like this system because it makes it personal and convenient. A standard bowl costs: $18.90, however if you want to add even more items here you can, but it'll just cost more which can ultimately hike up your bill to about $19.00 - $25.00 a bowl ( just warning you right now).

All of our customized our bowls to our own liking so not everything tasted the same.

Classic Tonkotsu Ramen & Shikaibicha
For me, I got the medium rich for my broth and noodle texture was firm. My thoughts? It was possibly one of the BEST bowls of ramen that I've had next to Ippudo Westside - Akamaru Modren.
The broth was very rich, porky flavor, rich, and just ultimately satisfying. The noodles were cooked just right,, but next time I'd like to try extra firm. 

I also tried their Shikaibicha - Ichiran's Original Cold Blended Tea which was very cool and refreshing.

Kikurage Mushroom & Kamadare Yakibutazara - Simmered Pork Belly with Seaweed
I also got a side order Kikurage Mushroom and the Kamadare Yakibutazara (simmered pork belly with seaweed) to share with Will. The Kikurage Mushroom was delicious and the pork belly was full of delicious fatty goodness. Loved it!

Matcha Annin Tofu
We also tried the Matcha Annin Tofu. This dessert was absolutely delicious and not overly sweet and just melts in your mouth.

Overall, I enjoyed and like the concepts here. Service is welcoming, personalized is key here, and unique. Would I be back? Yes, but in all honestly I wouldn't come here all the time because it is one of the most expensive ramen I've had. However, this classic tonkotsu ramen does stand in my book as one of the best tasting one.

P.S. - This is a no tipping establishment. There's also no soy sauce egg with the ramen.

Service: 80%Food: 95%Taste: 100%Likelihood to return: 90%


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