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Slurping Noodles at ICHIRAN

The day after Christmas, Will and I had lunch, caught up, and traded our Christmas gifts with Sam and Alex.  We opted for ICHIRAN - the famous Japanese ramen chain and known for their one-of-a-kind soup - the ivory pork broth.

I was so happy that when Will and I arrived that there was no line outside because I've seen pictures on Yelp that the line was horrendous. I guess the hype is somewhat over. If you've done your research or asked around, ICHIRAN is unlike any other ramen restaurant. On one side of the restaurant, you have a bright room with tables, red lanterns, and promotional posters while the other side was filled with long rows of booths to yourself and it's great if you're coming to eat by yourself and prefer less human interaction.

Their menu is super customized! I like this system because you can make it customized to your liking and it's personalized. I like this system because it makes it personal and convenient. A standard bowl costs: $18.90, howeve…

Mid-Week lunch at E Noodles Cafe

I found E Noodles Cafe on Yelp and it looked very familiar to food that Will and I had recently with his family in Flushing (we had take-out). Will and I have never been to this restaurant or knew that existed and we came here for a late lunch last month.
It's very spacious with modern decor. Customer service is top notch! The staff is friendly and helpful. I think they knew that Will and I were new customers because the waitress kindly told us their best dishes, but lucky for us I already did my research on Yelp so I knew what we could try.
You've probably saw this picture in this post, but I wanted to share that I saw this on Yelp and knew it was a must-have. I love steamed rice noodles and love it even more so when it's bathed in peanut and hoisin sauce. It's absolutely wonderful and delicious! A truly satisfying dish!

You've also probably seen this in the same post as the Steamed Rice Noodle Rolls too. Will introduced the Tengzhai Congee to me.I absolutely lov…

Birthday Dinner at Longevous Joy

Longevous Joy is one of the only restaurants in Bensonhurst that serves ramen, but that doesn't mean it's the best because it isn't. I feel that Longevous Joy is cramped with any hot and trendy Japanese food you can think of that's been wildly popular the last few years - takoyaki, sushi, yakiudon, yakisoba, uni, and etc.

On the potentially one of the coldest days of last year (December 15th to be exact), we came here to have birthday dinner for my girlfriend. This was mine and Will's second visit to Longevous Joy and we were trying to remember exactly why we never returned, but the quality of the food gave us a good memory.

The restaurant isn't very big so I wouldn't recommend coming here with a big group and I am sure their occupancy level is well suited for 20-30 people max. The restaurant is also a little dark in my opinion.

So this is what we had:

We ordered the Best Seller Roll Combo (eel roll, spicy scallop roll, spicy salmon roll, and California rol…

Foodie Resolutions for 2017

So, I've never set food-related goals before except for maybe openly saying "This year, I am going to cook more.". Any way, outside of food I've found that setting yearly goals gives me a sense of direction and helps me to accomplish all the random "I want to's" floating around my head. I've written my non-foodie New Year's resolutions and goals for 2017, but now it's time to write about the food-related goals I'd like to achieve.

I would like to try these food places/restaurants along with items that fellow Yelpers and friends have mentioned to try:

1. Coffee Project New York - known for their unbelievably creative coffee and latte art as well as their house specials. The item I'd like to try is: Cold Brew House Special. Huge coffee fan over here if you haven't noticed, so definitely looking forward to visiting this place.

2. Momosan Ramen & Sake - I'm a huge ramen lover and for an Iron Chef to open a ramen restaurant in…

The Best Things We've Ate in 2016

Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2017 is off to a good start for you!

2016 has been an amazing year! I've had the opportunity to try different restaurants and foods. I would like to share with you our yearly roundup of the best things we've ate and tried this year and where you can find it.

16. ZUNDO-YA was probably one of my favorite restaurants that I tried in 2016. The first time I went I ordered the Ajitama Ramen which contained slices of roasted pork, medium-boiled egg, scallions, seaweed and of course thick, wavy noodles bathed in Zundo-Ya's classic Tonkotsu broth. The noodles were cooked al dente which I liked very much. The combination of all the ingredients was truly delicious and vibrant.

ZUNDO-YA lets you choose the noodle type and broth richness which ranges from light, regular, rich, and super rich. I think that's pretty awesome!

15. I came to 321 Ice Cream Shop with Will and our friends after dinner in Williamsburg. Their Matcha Ice Cream is their signature…