Thanksgiving 2016

Hope you've all had a great weekend! I am a little late, but I'd like to share with you how and what we ate for Thanksgiving.

Baked Sweet Potato with Marshmallows
So for Thanksgiving lunch with my family and Thanksgiving dinner with Will's family, I actually made the same dish, but looked different. I made Baked sweet potato with marshmallows using this recipe, but I tweaked it a bit. This was my first time making this recipe and baking in a long time, so it was comforting and fun. I was very surprised at how successful it came out. Everyone loved it!

This was my Thanksgiving lunch with my family. My sisters and I made a few items, but most dishes were made by my mom and we also ordered ribs, lobster, and chicken. We also had dessert - strudel and pie! Yum! Overall, a super filling lunch.

Baked Sweet Potato with Marshamallows
This was the second one I made for Will's Thanksgiving. It came out very good, puffy, and delicious! I was super impressed. I may even consider making this next year as everyone loves it especially since it's not too sweet.

This was Will's family Thanksgiving. We did a catering order like last year from Boston Market where everything is pretty much cooked, just needs to be reheated. The food was top notch and we all added our own dishes and creative twist too. We also had dessert too which we had little room for, but still took a bite of it.

Side dishes
For the Friendsgiving that we went to I made prosciutto wrapped asparagus and I got the recipe from here. Another recipe I found on Pinterest. It looked and smelled amazing. The best part is that it only required three ingredients well in the recipe that I tweaked - oil, asparagus, and prosciutto. It came out pretty well, but I think next time I try it with bacon. I also made my sauteed corn with Italian seasoning which everyone ate and finished.

This is our Friendsgiving meal. Everyone pretty much just brought what they wanted. My friend did a fabulous job on the turkey. It was moist and delicious. Everything else was tasty too! 

So yes, this is what we've had for three days in a row over the course of Thanksgiving. Not bad right? Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and delicious food!


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