Sunday Lunch at Pho Hoai - Bay Ridge, Brooklyn

Pho Hoai is the ONLY Vietnamese restaurant in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. It's super convenient for locals in the neighborhood that itch for Vietnamese cuisine and convenient for those that are boarding/coming off the Staten Island buses.

Will and I were in the neighborhood recently to return an item to Century 21. We didn't exactly know what or where to eat, but we have been to Pho Hoai before so we visited it again. The restaurant isn't very big and the decor/atmosphere is very much similar to most Vietnamese restaurants in Chinatown. It was crazy packed when we came so we had no choice, but to share a table with other customers.

We ordered the typical dishes we would order at most Vietnamese restaurants:

Vietnamese Spring Rolls
We almost always order the Vietnamese spring rolls. The rolls were crunchy, hot, and savory!

Pho Xe Lua
Will always orders Pho Xe Lua. I can't recall a time where he's ordered a different entree at any Vietnamese restaurant. He orders this when we do take-out or stay-in the restaurant. He sure loves it.

Beef Cubes with White Rice, Tomatoes and Lettuce

This is by far one of my favorite dishes in a Vietnamese restaurant. However, my biggest complaint is when there's not enough sauce or when it's too salty. For this particular restaurant and dish, there just wasn't enough sauce. I like digging under to mix the sauce with my rice to make it not so bland. I was quite disappointed.

Overall, I felt the service could be improved a little bit. I typically don't come to Bay Ridge, so I think Pho Hoai would only be a restaurant that I would visit if I was hungry and in the area. i wouldn't really go out of my way to this restaurant since I do live half a block from a Vietnamese restaurant that's been around for 10+ years and their food is decent and delicious. I would much prefer Thai Son in Chinatown any day.


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