Birthday Dinner at Tang - Bayside, Queens

I've been to Tang in Bayside, Queens last year, but didn't have the time to take pictures. Last month, I was fortunate and happy that Will, my friends, and I had the chance to return to Tang because I heard a lot of good comments regarding the restaurant.

Tang has valet parking. The restaurant is different compared to other Korean restaurants in Queens because first of all, it is super spacious inside. The decor is very chic, dark, and stylish. The restaurant serves Korean food and Japanese food (mostly sushi) and the staff are very friendly and nice.

We did family style, so we all ordered appetizers and dishes to share. I didn't get to capture everything we ate, but here's what I was able to capture:

Green Salad
I think in most traditional Korean restaurants, as a customer you are given banchan, but at Tang you are given green salad (similar to what you find in Japanese restaurants). I like the idea of having a salad because it's a fresh start to the meal.

Seafood & Green Onion Pancake
For one of our appetizers, we had the seafood and green onion pancake. It was nicely made and tasted great, but I think next time I know not to order this because this appetizer will fill you up quick since it's very starchy. 

Gool Gook Bop
Will was in a mood for soup so he ordered the seaweed soup simmered in an oyster broth. Sounds very ocean and sea-like. I actually didn't try this since I am not a fan of oyster-like or oyster-flavor food.

Hawaiian Roll
Another appetizer we ordered was the Hawaiian Roll (shrimp tempura topped with spicy tuna, shaved mango, spicy mayo and macadamia nuts). I never seen or heard of a sushi roll with such ingredients. It was actually a very interesting and delicious combination. I liked it very much!

Jap Chae
We also ordered the Jap Chae which is like a must-have for any and every Korean restaurant. The Jap Chae was extremely delicious and delight. Love it!

Tang Plus Set
Tang has these sets where you can order an entree/meat dish and a soup or rice dish. Will and I got the Bibimbap with Bulgogi and only for $20! The Bibimbap was delicious and I especially enjoyed the crispy rice on the side of the bowl. The bulgogi had a good flavor and very tender.

Overall, I am glad I got another chance to try Tang. I really enjoy the food, ambiance, and service here. The food is very hearty and delicious. I highly recommend coming here if you have a birthday celebration or any type or celebration because it will feel extra special at Tang. It's a little pricey here, but well worth it especially for a special occasion.


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