Family Dinner at Joy Luck Palace

My family and I had dinner in early October for my mom's birthday celebration. We wanted to go to Royal Seafood on Mott street because we like it there, but they were completely booked out for a wedding. We decided to eat at Joy Luck Palace instead. It was surprising that the restaurant wasn't filled up when it was a Saturday evening.

The restaurant that used to occupy this space was Grand Harmony, but because it's a new restaurant and under new management there were new renovations. Unfortunately, the renovations weren't very intriguing. I feel that the decor was downgraded. I thought with new renovations, the stinky and old restrooms would get an upgrade too, but nope. Service improved from the last time I was here with my family.

These were the dishes we had:

Fish Maw Soup
As always we ordered the Fish Maw Soup which was quite scrumptious.

Lobster, Crispy Chicken, and Oysters
We ordered the lobster which I thought was decent, but I feel it was a little small. The crispy chicken was delicious and tasty. I'm not a fan of oysters so I can't comment on how fresh or did it taste.

More food
The broccoli and shrimp was tasty and delicious! We also had blanched snow pea leaves which was very simple and light. We also got one of my family's favorite dishes: steamed pork with salted fish. I thought it was pretty tasty, but the homemade version taste a lot better. We also ordered a steamed fish dish.

Overall, the food was alright, but nothing that really wow'ed us. I think it's pretty bad that more than half of the restaurant was empty on a Saturday night. I wasn't too happy with the quality of the dim sum and food the first time I visited Joy Luck with my family. Hopefully the quality will improve soon.


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