BCD Tofu House - Bayside, Queens

The weather last month was a little crazy. It was a lot windier and colder compared to the weather today. It's been windy at times, breezy, but mostly warm. Last month, Will and I visited BCD Tofu House in Bayside, Queens for dinner since I was craving for soondubu (tofu soup) and it was the perfect weather for it.

I've been to BCD Tofu House in Manhattan and it's definitely a lot smaller compared to the one in Bayside. The Bayside location has a parking lot and it's super spacious! 

After we ordered our entrees, we were given complimentary dishes to try. I love the fried fish that they always give here despite the little bones in the fish.

Hot-Stone Bibimbap
This was part of a set that Will ordered with his soondubu. We shared the hot-stone bibimbap. I always love this at any Korean restaurant we go to. I especially love the crunchy rice along the side of the pot. It's truly yummy!

Mushroom Soondubu & Seafood Soondubu
I got the mushroom soondubu since I am huge mushroom fan! This was definitely mushroom and tofu heaven. Our waitress gave us two bowls of rice to eat with our soups. I literally got full mostly from my soup as it was truly scrumptious! Will got the seafood soondubu from his set and there was an assortment of seafood (shrimp, clam, mussels, and scallop?).He wasn't a huge fan of his soup not sure if it's the taste or because he doesn't like tofu too much.

We also ordered the Japchae which I absolutely love eating in Korean restaurants too! I like that BCD Tofu House adds in their fried tofu into the Japchae - different texture to the dish. Unfortunately, I thought their Japchae has a little too much oil and greasy compared to the other ones I have had.

The food at BCD Tofu House was scrumptious! However, the service was mediocre. I feel our waitress was no where to be found a lot of times. I've been here twice so far and I really liked the food. I think I like this location better than the one in Manhattan.


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