Royal Caribbean - Anthem of the Seas: SILK

The next few posts will be about the food and restaurants that I tried while I was on the Anthem of the Seas cruise with Will and family.

On our first and last evening, we actually went to the same restaurant since it was difficult to get a reservation/table for a large group.

The restaurant we went to was called SILK and it is a Pan-Asian restaurant with influences from Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisine. The restaurant and decor is very beautiful, elegant, and has gorgeous oriental design and architecture. Service was okay, but nothing over the top in my opinion. SILK is part of the complimentary dining, so we were able to order as much as we wanted.

This is what Will and I had at our first time at SILK:

For appetizers, I had the Korean Fried Squid and I thought it was mediocre. The squid felt very hard and dry. Will had the Salmon Sashimi which was nicely sliced, but didn't taste right as there was no wasabi given to us or soy sauce. For entrees, Will had some type of steak dish (Sorry I forgot the name). I had the Salmon with Green Tea Rice which was mediocre. The salmon was cooked perfectly, but tasted a little bland. The green tea rice was mediocre as well, didn't taste very much like green tea or tea at all. For desserts, I had the Mango Rice Pudding which I thought would be similar to mango sago, but nope. It was definitely rice with mango with a dash/taste of cinnamon in it. Will had a custard (I also forgot the name) , but it was rather small.

Will and I were not impressed with our first experience at Silk. The final and second experience was a little bit better:

Will and I ordered a lot to try this time since it was complimentary and our final family dinner on the cruise. Will ordered the Chinese Style Chicken Noodle Soup and the Vegetable Samosas. I didn't try the chicken noodle soup since it don't look very appealing, but I did try the vegetable samosas. They were prepared adorable and delicious, but not enough curry flavor. I also got what they call Asian Pork Tacos which puzzled a lot of people, but it was actually pork buns. They were quite delicious and other people in the table got them too. I also had the Asian Chicken Salad which was extremely light and delicious. We also got the Crabmeat & Cheese Wontons which I thought were very small and you can definitely see all that grease on the leaf.

For entree, I had the Korean Short Rib which was very moist and tender and had good flavor. Will on the other hand had a Beef Shank or Steak dish that he was not pleased with because it was overcooked and tough. For dessert, Will got his mochi which was good and can't be messed up on. I had the Lychee Custard with Kiwi coulis. I was hoping for more lychee flavor in the custard, but it just tasted a lot like cream and almost 0% lychee flavor. The kiwi coulis was tart.

Overall, I thought the food could be improved and I think it's funny how it's an Asian restaurant, but where are the chopsticks? I understand they are a fine dining restaurant, but where's the Asian utensils you're suppose to use to pick up rice or dumplings? The service was okay, but there seemed to be a little bit of mix-up with the dishes at times.


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