Royal Caribbean - Anthem of the Seas: The Grande

On our second day of Anthem of the Seas, we tried very hard at dodging Hurricane Hermine, but still felt the tremendous effects (strong and gusty winds, rain, wobbly ship and etc.). It was quite serious since they had barf bags available at the stairways and by your room door. They also canceled all activities and shows.

Will and I came to The Grande for lunch. Passengers who have been on Royal Caribbean or love formal night adore The Grande, where formal dress and suit is required every night. However, if you come for breakfast or lunch, you are entitled to wear whatever it is that you please. The space is large, elegant, and feels luxurious.

For appetizer, I had the Chilled Strawberry & Mint Soup which was surprisingly delicious! I've never had a sweet soup to start off my experience at a restaurant. It tasted like a strawberry smoothie, but in a soup form. I really enjoyed it. Will ordered the Lobster & Shrimp risotto which I also really liked. It tasted buttery, creamy, and delicious. 

For entrees, Will had the Smoked Chorizo soup. However, he wasn't a huge fan of it. I had the Mushrooms with Ratatouille which I really enjoyed. The mushrooms were cooked to perfection and so was the ratatouille. A true comfort dish! 

Finally for desserts, Will had the Apple Fritters with Caramel sauce which looked really good, but he didn't enjoy it very much. I don't even remember why I didn't try the apple fritters since I love apples. I had a super fattening dessert - S'Mores dessert with lots of whip cream, caramel sauce, and just melting and over the top. Overall, it was a tasty dessert especially with the devil's chocolate cake. 

I really enjoyed the ambiance and atmosphere in The Grande. It's too bad everything was moving and wobbly the day we went. It was a mission impossible to have dinner here because they weren't accepting walk-in's and reservations were all booked. It was sad since Will and I really wanted to dress up for this specific restaurant. Hopefully we can another time or on another ship. The food was mediocre, so we've definitely had better.


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