PappaRich in Flushing, Queens

I have passed by PappaRich many times and have heard a lot, but never had the opportunity to visit it. Will and I decided to jump out of our comfort zone and try out PappaRich. The restaurant is located is located on the third floor of One Fulton Square.

The restaurant has outside seating and the restaurant itself is pretty big with lots of seating inside too. Once we arrived, a staff member greeted and escorted us to our seats.

There's a unique ordering system at PappaRich. Every table has a buzzer (how you let the staff know that you're ready to order). The waiter/waitress will hand you the menu, a sheet or paper and a pencil so that you can write in your order along with little indications of food allergy, spice allergy, and etc. The menu is helpful for someone who isn't familiar with Malaysian dishes and it has very clear pictures of most of the menu items.

3 Layer Iced Tea
The 3 Layer Tea is a popular menu item at PappaRich, so that's why we opted for it. It's a Malaysian version of black milk tea, but with a rich tea taste to it. 

Roti Canai & Roti Telur
PappaRich offers an array of roti canai and roti telur dishes with different dipping sauces. The first one we ordered was the Roti Canai with Curry Chicken and the second one was Roti Telur with Beef Rendang. 

The level of spice in the sauces couldn't be altered and it was milder than the usual curry sauce I've tried with roti canai. The sauces in both dishes were quite dangerous in my opinion. However, there was one sauce that wasn't as dangerous or powerful. Overall, the presentation and quality looks neat and interesting, but I think I prefer just one sauce and a big,puffy roti canai. 

Hainan Chicken Rice with Steamed Chicken Set 
Will always orders the Hainanese Chicken when we have Malaysian food. At PappaRich, he ordered the Hainan chicken rice with steamed chicken set. The chicken was tender and served alongside of bean sprouts. There was also a trio of sauces to dip at your own liking. The chicken rice wasn't fragrant nor did it taste like chicken. The set was served with a chicken soup too.

Will and I felt the bean sprouts was unnecessary and filler. It didn't complement very well together. He didn't really like the dish too much as there was a lack of flavor.

Kampung Fried Rice with Chicken Satay + Chicken Wing
This dish looked very interesting on the menu so I ordered it. It's an authentic Malaysian wok-fried rice with sliced chicken, anchovies, egg, onions, kangkung, tomatoes, cucumbers, and red chili. I asked for no chili since I can't handle spice. While I was halfway into the dish, I lost my appetite for it as the taste of the anchovies wasn't very nice. I also didn't understand those two round chips that were placed on top of my dish. It didn't do much to save this dish. The chicken satay was decent, tender and tasted amazing with the curry sauce.

Before our entrees hit our table, the waiter already came with our bill/receipt when it wasn't crowded at all in the restaurant nor were we ready to leave. It was a little distracting and disrespectful. 

Overall, I felt there wasn't much of an interaction available because you basically just fill out your orders and the waiter/waitress brings it to you. If you get a nice waiter or waitress, than I am sure you will receive interaction and answers to questions you may have. Besides the lack of interaction, it was nice to see that the staff knew when to return to pour extra water when our cup ran empty.

The quality of the food didn't really impress me. I definitely would prefer Sentosa (across the street) as the service is more quick and efficient. In addition, Sentosa has the typical Malaysian dishes you would find at a traditional Malaysian restaurant. The price at PappaRich was also quite pricey and not worth the quality that's being delivered in the dishes we had.


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