Our first NYC Restaurant Week Experience - Brasserie Seoul

As someone that's born and raised in New York City and as a foodie in my family, I've never had the opportunity to experience NYC Restaurant Week until this summer.

This summer seemed like the perfect time for Will and I to take advantage of NYC Restaurant Week because I've officially finished college and my degree, so it was the perfect time to celebrate my accomplishment. The restaurant I initially chose was Delmonico's, but later changed my mind to Brasserie Seoul  (a new, hip, and trendy restaurant with Korean and French flavors and techniques) in Downtown Brooklyn. The restaurant is tucked away inside the new Holiday Inn. I've visited the hotel twice during my summer classes. My class and I met the General Manage who said next time we return we would receive 10% off our bill since we were City Tech students.

Will and I were seated in the center of the restaurant and had a good view of the kitchen (it's semi-open). The servers/staff were nice, friendly, and took initiative when an issue rose. We asked for a sparkling water, but unfortunately the rim around my glass cup had a fuzz around it. The General Manager was behind me and asked if everything was okay, but I showed him my glass, he kindly apologized and replaced it with a new and clean glass.

Will ordered the Crispy Salmon (salmon, sashimi, crispy sushi rice, and chipotle aioli). This was truly an interesting appetizer and spin on a sashimi. The crispy sushi rice had a little kick and spice to it. I ordered the Wild Mushroom & Asparagus (wild mushrooms, asparagus, truffle soy sauce).  I really liked this appetizer because I am naturally a mushroom fan. 

Duck Confit
For entree, Will has the Duck Confit (endive, shallot, thyme orange sauce) which was recommended by a mutual friend. The duck was delicious and cooked just perfectly. The meat was really soft, smooth, and moist.

Waygu Rib Eye Steak
I opted for the Waygu Rib Eye Steak (waygu rib eye with grilled vegetables) *$5.00* additional for my order and I also asked for medium rare, but not too rare. While eating my steak, I noticed parts of it was a little too rare, but I didn't say anything. The steak also tasted very bland. I wished they provided a sauce or rub on it. The vegetables were grilled to perfection, but I would have preferred some type of starch incorporated in the dish.

I think the best part of the experience were the desserts! Will ordered the Strawberry Pie (puff pastry, gelato, and housemade strawberry jam). The strawberry pie was puff pastry and strawberry heaven! It was crispy, flaky, and buttery. So good and so cute! I ordered the Banana Split (devil's food cake, caramelized banana, vanilla ice cream) and when it arrived to our table, the general manager explained each component of the gorgeous dessert. Everything and all of the flavors really came together and tasted amazing! The devil's food cake was absolutely to die for.

The Bill
Our dinner cost less than I thought. The general manager mentioned to us that the first bottle of sparkling water would be on him since there was a slight issue with my glass, but I guess the waitress wasn't informed. Any way, the general manager did indeed give us the City Tech discount which was very kind of him. 

Overall the experience was pleasant. Service was top notch and food was definitely unique. Brasserie Seoul isn't your typical Korean restaurant you would find in Queens or Manhattan, but this is definitely a gem and a great addition to Downtown Brooklyn. I think the combination of their service, food, and ambiance adds a different concept to the neighborhood. The price is on par with the price at most restaurants within the neighborhood. I would definitely be back if I want to have Korean food or maybe for a special celebration. 

I am definitely looking forward to our NYC Restaurant Week experience.


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