Dinner at Blue Bay Diner

Will and I have been to Blue Bay Diner prior to the food blog, so therefore there was never a blog post written about our experience before. We recently returned to Blue Bay Diner for dinner since we were around Bayside, Queens.

From the outside, the diner looks small, but it's actually pretty big inside and love the different shades of blue. The air conditioner is on full blast in the summer/warmer seasons at Blue Bay Diner, so I would recommend going in with pants or a thin sweater/shirt. The service is pretty on point. The quality of the food improved from the last time we were here and the portion size is huge! The price is slightly more expensive compared to other diners we've been to.

French Onion Soup
Will and I have been addicted to French Onion Soup and since it was freezing inside Blue Bay Diner, we both ordered a bowl of this delicious soup. There was just enough onions, cheese, and bread. However, the soup was a little too salty. It was a bit overwhelming.

Linguine with White Clam Sauce
Will ordered the Linguine with White Clam Sauce which is one of my favorite Italian dishes. The clams were cooked to perfection and tasty. The only issue with this dish was there was not enough sauce.

Penne with Mushrooms
I've ordered the Penne with Mushrooms before and I really liked it so I ordered it again. I like this dish a lot because of all of the mushrooms and it's literally like a pizza on a plate without the crust. Everything works well together and the portion was humongous! Unfortunately, I couldn't finish the whole dish because of it's size and plus the French Onion Soup.

Overall, not a bad diner at all, but it is a little pricey. The food is quite tasty here. If it's late and you're hungry, Blue Bay Diner is definitely a place you can come to satisfy your late night cravings. 


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