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What's Been Cooking In My Kitch - Part 2

I must admit when you're not in school anymore and you're not working, but you are actively and painfully looking for a career opportunity - you definitely have a lot of time on your hands. I seem to have had a lot of time this summer to create delicious masterpieces as I'd like to unveil them to you:

I absolutely love fruits. This summer while I was at my internship, I would always prepare a fruit salad to bring so it helps me get through my day and add a little sweetness. I always loved that it comes out refreshing, bright, and warm.
For Father's Day, we went to Will's sister's home and everyone made a dish or two. I always like it when we're able to bring our own food to share. It's such a delight! I've also been on a Vietnamese summer roll binge as I've been making quite a lot of these this year for different parties. This was also my first time making smoked salmon crackers and everyone seemed to like it.
One evening I volunteered to make d…

Dinner at Blue Bay Diner

Will and I have been to Blue Bay Diner prior to the food blog, so therefore there was never a blog post written about our experience before. We recently returned to Blue Bay Diner for dinner since we were around Bayside, Queens.

From the outside, the diner looks small, but it's actually pretty big inside and love the different shades of blue. The air conditioner is on full blast in the summer/warmer seasons at Blue Bay Diner, so I would recommend going in with pants or a thin sweater/shirt. The service is pretty on point. The quality of the food improved from the last time we were here and the portion size is huge! The price is slightly more expensive compared to other diners we've been to.

Will and I have been addicted to French Onion Soup and since it was freezing inside Blue Bay Diner, we both ordered a bowl of this delicious soup. There was just enough onions, cheese, and bread. However, the soup was a little too salty. It was a bit overwhelming.
Will ordered the Linguine …

Our first NYC Restaurant Week Experience - Brasserie Seoul

As someone that's born and raised in New York City and as a foodie in my family, I've never had the opportunity to experience NYC Restaurant Week until this summer.

This summer seemed like the perfect time for Will and I to take advantage of NYC Restaurant Week because I've officially finished college and my degree, so it was the perfect time to celebrate my accomplishment. The restaurant I initially chose was Delmonico's, but later changed my mind to Brasserie Seoul  (a new, hip, and trendy restaurant with Korean and French flavors and techniques) in Downtown Brooklyn. The restaurant is tucked away inside the new Holiday Inn. I've visited the hotel twice during my summer classes. My class and I met the General Manage who said next time we return we would receive 10% off our bill since we were City Tech students.

Will and I were seated in the center of the restaurant and had a good view of the kitchen (it's semi-open). The servers/staff were nice, friendly, and…

PappaRich in Flushing, Queens

I have passed by PappaRich many times and have heard a lot, but never had the opportunity to visit it. Will and I decided to jump out of our comfort zone and try out PappaRich. The restaurant is located is located on the third floor of One Fulton Square.

The restaurant has outside seating and the restaurant itself is pretty big with lots of seating inside too. Once we arrived, a staff member greeted and escorted us to our seats.

There's a unique ordering system at PappaRich. Every table has a buzzer (how you let the staff know that you're ready to order). The waiter/waitress will hand you the menu, a sheet or paper and a pencil so that you can write in your order along with little indications of food allergy, spice allergy, and etc. The menu is helpful for someone who isn't familiar with Malaysian dishes and it has very clear pictures of most of the menu items.

The 3 Layer Tea is a popular menu item at PappaRich, so that's why we opted for it. It's a Malaysian vers…

Birthday Dinner at Thanya Thai Cuisine

Last month, Will and I went to our friend's birthday dinner at Thanya Thai Cuisine with our other friends as well. The dinner was on a Saturday evening at 8PM and strangely, it was very empty and maybe there was only one table that was filled. The service was okay and accommodating. A friend and her husband brought their baby to the birthday dinner and the servers/owner didn't mind it at all. As a matter of fact, they brought a bowl of hot water so that our friend can warm up the milk for the baby to drink. Good eye and service on this part. However, the food didn't really wow me.

It seems that this restaurant doesn't have a beverage menu which is strange and feels awkward, but basically they have your typical drinks you would find in a Thai restaurant minus the alcohol. Most of us got the Thai Ice Tea or Lychee Tea. We did family style so we shared the appetizers and entrees.

We ordered five different appetizers to share. The Papaya salad (green papaya, carrots, tomat…