Snow & Cream

After dinner at Piccoli Trattoria, we went to Snow & Cream which is a step away from Prince Tea House on 7th Avenue for dessert. Sam & Alex had already been here, but I wanted to try it out.

The interior and decor wasn't extravagant nor captivating. The service is quick. They serve shaved ice, rolled ice cream, egg waffles, and etc (basically Asian desserts that are hot and trending now).
Apparently they have a backyard/outdoor seating, but we couldn't sit there the night we went because there was a private gathering.

Earl Grey & Thai Ice Tea Shaved Ice
Sam & Alex shared the Earl Grey shaved ice and Will & I shared the Thai Ice Tea shaved ice with grass jelly. 

Sam told us that their toppings aren't good quality, so I decided to just stick with plain grass jelly. The Thai Ice Tea shaved ice was alright. I didn't think it was wow and it could use more tea flavor.  The Earl Grey shaved ice was mediocre. I felt it could have used more flavor.

All in all, I feel Snow & Cream was mediocre. There was definitely nothing that is keeping me coming back for me sadly. I feel they are are trying to incorporate different products from dessert spots I've been to already. I also think it's weird that they call their rolled ice cream - "Stir Fry Rolled Ice Cream" - it makes me think the rolled ice cream is suppose to be savory. I definitely think a little more creativity needs to be involved in this place if they expect to succeed. 


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