Ramen Quest: Kogane Ramen

I must admit there aren't a lot of ramen spots in Brooklyn, but they are slowly spreading out. Earlier this summer, I discovered that a new ramen spot opened up in Brooklyn Heights called: Kogane Ramen. I promised a ramen outing with a friend, so we came here with his girlfriend and Will. 

It's in a very nice and tourist-like location. The space is mid-sized,  but you don't feel cramped inside and the kitchen here is closed. I recommend reserving a table if you have four or more people because it can get crowded.

We ordered two types of appetizers to start off: 

Jimmy insisted on trying the Black Sesame Tuna and Pork Jowl Buns. I don't like tuna very much, but the black sesame tuna turned out to be decent. It's seared with mango salsa and wasabi dressing. It had a slight tangy, tropical taste and with a hint of spice in it. It was super smooth and fresh.

The Pork Jowl Buns were made up of braised pork jowl and cucumber with spicy mayonnaise. It was moist, delicious, and juicy. I really enjoyed it and the flavor.

Parco Ramen
Jimmy ordered the Parco Ramen (pork bone and curry based broth, pork katsu, spicy Japanese pickles, soft boiled egg, menma, scallion, and black garlic oil), It sounds pretty interesting and also a bowl of spiciness at the same time. 

Seafood Ramen
Will ordered the Seafood Ramen (chicken & seafood broth with snow crab, mussels, shrimp, fresh corn & scallion). This is the first time I've seen a ramen restaurant serve a seafood ramen. The seafood ramen was legit! They had decent size shrimps, real mussels, and snow crab that was moist and delicious. The broth was very light, but it still maintained the seafood flavor.

Tonkotsu Ramen
Jimmy's girlfriend and I ordered the same ramen: Tonkotsu Ramen (pork bone based broth, braised pork jowl, menma, Japanese wood ear, mushroom, soft boiled egg, scallion, and black garlic oil). Tonkotsu is one of my favorite ramen by far! The Tonkotsu Ramen at Kogane was really delicious, creamy, rich, and just completely satisfying. I enjoyed every piece and slurp from my bowl. 

Overall, I truly enjoyed the experience and food at Kogane Ramen. This is truly a gem and I highly recommend any ramen fan to give this spot a shot because it's authentic and true. I hope to return soon as I haven't had ramen in about two months.

Service: 90%Food: 80%Taste: 85%Likelihood to return: 100%


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