Kane's Diner in Flushing, NY

Kane's Diner has been on my places to try and visit for the past year or so. I finally got to visit it and try it with Will about a month ago, since we weren't craving for Asian food and I wanted brunch-like food for lunch.

It's a local, family-owned diner that's open for 24 hours, but be aware the parking lot is small so if you happen to go at a time where it's packed, be sure to have some patience. Their tables can fit large an small groups, and there's also booths on the side. Service is adequate. The women's restroom is only one stall, so be prepared to wait ladies.

I must admit that their menu is crazy and filled with pictures and prices everywhere. I also must admit that I had to flip back and forth at least 2-3 times before I was able to decide what was it I exactly wanted.

Complimentary Muffins

We were given complimentary muffins to start off and to munch on. They were adorable, moist, and tasty.

Meat Lover's Skillet
Holy cow! Honestly, I don't quite remember what inspired me to order this because I'm not big on eating too much meat during brunch. I guess I was thinking with my stomach and not my head when I ordered the Meat Lover's Skillet. The Meat Lover's Skillet entailed: diced ham, bacon, and sausage over seasoned country potatoes topped with shredded cheddar and two eggs. It also came with pancakes and toasted bread which I absolutely forgot that it's part of the meal. 

It was tasty, but I didn't quite finish my meal as I was already full from the meat, cheese, and the seasoned country potatoes. I didn't even touch the pancakes, that's how bad and full I was. I deeply regretted ordering the meat lover's skillet as I was just too full and stuffed. Never again.

Steak and Eggs
Kane's Diner is best known for their Steak and Eggs ($8.99), so that's what Will ended up getting. He asked the steak to be medium well, but I guess it became well done. It was a little difficult to chew, but at least it was a decent size. Overall, he liked the dish very much minus the overcooked steak.

Will also ordered a plate of fries (as if our dishes weren't big enough). I guess he ordered it because his dish didn't seem to come with pancakes or toast, so needed a little starch.

Overall, this diner is pretty interesting and the portion size of the dishes is absolutely no joke. I'm sure their other dishes taste amazing, but I don't think I could order the Meat Lover's skillet again. However, next time I come back to Kane's Diner I think I will try their famous steak and eggs. 


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