Boston Trip: Island Creek Oyster Bar

The final food destination in Boston was at Island Creek Oyster Bar.

We came just before 5PM and was seated immediately. I really liked the ambiance because it was chic, modern, slightly dim, high ceilings, and just feels very cozy and spacious.

We started with drinks and light appetizers.

Cocktails, Wine, and Cider Beer
Appetizers & Side Orders
Will, Jack, and Katy ordered the Crispy Oyster Sliders on a brioche bun and lime chili aioli. I didn't eat any of it or the raw oysters since I am simply not a fan of oysters. We had the Fried Ipswich Clams as well which is way cheaper then what we had at Neptune Oyster (the night before). The fried clams were crisp perfection, but not as juicy as the ones from Neptune.

We also had the Fried Calamari which was pretty tasty and I wanted to try the Roasted Crimini Mushrooms which was mediocre. It didn't really taste like it was roasted, more like it was bathed in a bath of butter and oil.

Lobster Bisque 
We also ordered the Lobster Bisque. This was hands down, the BEST lobster bisque I have had so far. It's bright, warm, and inviting and has rich lobster flavors and juices. I was dreaming about it for days because it was truly delicious. 

Lobster Roll
We couldn't pass up the opportunity of ordering a Lobster Roll. This lobster roll was made differently compared to the one from Neptune Oyster. The lobster roll was served cold and with mayonnaise which I much prefer then butter. We asked our waiter to have the lobster roll cut in four sections so we can split it evenly among the four of us. 

It was extremely yummy and worth the $28.00. It was also accompanied with cole slaw and the kettle chips.

Lobster Roe Noodles
The last item we had was the Lobster Roe Noodles which is a highly recommended dish at Island Creek Oyster Bar. It's cooked with braised short rib, grilled lobster, oyster mushooms, and Pecorino.
It was absolutely beautiful, the way it's plated and an interesting dish. This is definitely something I haven't found in New York City restaurants yet. It's also a little expensive ($36.00 to be exact), but I guess if you're sharing it with other people then that's okay.

Overall, I think we all prefer Island Creek Oyster Bar much more. We didn't have to wait five hours for a seat and we didn't feel squished or rushed. The entire experience was great and relaxing. I would definitely come back here again when we return to Boston.


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