Caffe Bene (Bensonhurst) - 18th Avenue location

I've been recently coming to Caffe Bene a lot , at least once or sometimes twice a week. It's a very cozy, comfortable atmosphere and has that local, neighborhood vibe to it. There's an abundance of seats and tables available and a couple of outlets available if you're bringing your laptop to do work or you need to charge your electronic devices. Most of the customers are between High School students - 50-60 year old

I typically come here to get my blogging done and Yelp reviews on the days I don't have internship. It's also pleasant to sit here while they have the AC on a good blast. There's a lot of beverages to choose from, sandwiches, waffles, and sweets.

I've recently been addicted to their Portabella Sandwich because it's super crunchy, delicious, and I love mushrooms. It typically come with mustard, but I hate mustard so they usually do well in removing the mustard for me. I've also tried their Mango Berry Mojito (non-alcoholic) which is quite refreshing, but too bad it only comes in one size. 

Any way, I really like this Caffe Bene mostly because of the cozy and relaxing atmosphere and it's convenient to Will's house. They haven't built one near me on 86th street and I think they should build one for many reasons. Food and beverages can be a little bit expensive in my opinion. Staff is very friendly! There's one man that works at this location and it's quite possible he could be the manager, usually brings the food and drinks to the guest that ordered it. Now that's good memory and service if you ask me. 


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