Boston Trip: Chip's Family Restaurant

Last month, Will and I went on a Memorial day weekend road trip to Boston with our friend Jack and his girlfriend Katy. The next few posts you will see on the food blog will be a review of restaurants/places we've eaten at.

The first restaurant we visited during our trip was Chip's Family Restaurant which actually has five restaurants in the state of Connecticut. The location we visited was in Fairfield, CT. We came on a Saturday and was expecting it to be packed, but far from it. When we arrived it was busy and bustling, but there was no wait and we got a seat with no issues.

The restaurant has a diner feel to it and very family and tourist friendly. The staff are quick, friendly, and very helpful. Jack told us that they are best known for their pancakes, so three of us actually ordered pancakes. They also had a Memorial Day weekend special menu, so the three of us also ordered from the menu.

Strawberry Pancakes & Mushroom Omelette
Will ordered the Strawberry Pancakes & Mushroom Omelette. The pancakes were flat, but also had a fluffy bite to it. I like that Chip's Family Restaurant offers different types of syrup: strawberry, pecan, coconut, and apricot. The mushroom omelette was yummy and also had bits of sausage in it. 

California Eggs Benedict
Katy ordered the California Eggs Benedict which is two poached eggs, avocado, and tomatoes served an English Muffin topped with Hollandaise sauce and served with pancakes or homefries. I never tried California style Eggs Benedict, so it was definitely a different experience. I thought it was decent, but I prefer my Eggs Benedict with meat. 

Pineapple & Cherry pancakes with Chicken Omelette
Jack ordered the Pineapple & Cherry pancakes with Chicken Omelette. This was one of the Memorial Day special items. The omelette was delicious and felt very healthy since it had chicken in it. Unfortunately, I didn't get to the point to eat part of Jack's pancake because I was too full and having trouble finishing mine.

BBQ Brisket Eggs Benedict & Cinnabon Pancakes
I ordered the BBQ Brisket Eggs Benedict which also came with Cinnabon Pancakes. The BBQ Brisket Eggs Benedict was another Memorial Day weekend menu special item. First off, it's super super heavy! They gave a generous amount of brisket which was very moist and tender by the way and tasted absolutely amazing with the barbecue sauce. I don't think there was need for black beans at all. 

Although I shared with my BBQ Brisket Eggs Benedict with my friends and Will, I still couldn't finish my dish nor the pancakes. I ended up sharing my pancakes and the pancakes were very moist and fluffy and is sweet enough without syrup.

Overall, definitely a good and uber busy spot for breakfast and brunch, but I would highly recommend it if you're traveling and Connecticut just happens to be one of the states you have to or will pass by. I definitely wouldn't order the BBQ Brisket Eggs Benedict again because it was super super heavy and definitely one of those dishes that will give you a serious food coma.


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