Bibble & Sip

One of the latest and greatest craze in The Big Apple is Bibble & Sip and I can understand why after my first visit. Bibble & Sip was extremely close to Ippudo Westside and since Diane and I had lunch there, I decided to take her with me to Bibble & Sip too.

Bibble & Sip - Exterior (Image credit to: Sideways. NYC)
The cafe is located in Midtown West and is know for it's friendly atmosphere, unique pastries, and adorable alpaca themed decor. There's a limited amount of seating here, but there's a small counter where you can munch on your food and sip on your beverage. The staff at Bibble & Sip are quick, on point, and friendly.

Diane and I visited Bibble & Sip on a Monday afternoon around 1-2PM and I couldn't believe how crowded it already was, but luckily there was little to no line so Diane and I quickly lined up. Unfortunately there were no seats available, so Diane and I squeezed into a small space and just enjoyed our food and beverage on the counter.

I must admit I read a lot of reviews on Yelp to see what were the most popular or tastiest menu items so I would know exactly what to try at Bibble & Sip, so I made a list. Here's what we tried:

Iced Lavender Latte and Earl Grey Cream Puff
Many reviews suggested that the Lavender Latte was bliss, so I decided to give it a try. Since it was quite hot that Monday, I got the iced lavender latte instead. The iced lavender latte was coffee meets lavender in a cup! It was definitely a harmonious marriage of excellent flavors. The lavender wasn't overpowering so I was still able to taste the coffee flavor. Everything was in equal parts in this lavender from heaven latte. It stole my heart!

I also ordered the Earl Grey Cream Puff which was huge and truly earl grey heaven! The cream puff was flaky, soft, and absolutely delightful. The earl grey cream filling was absolute bliss! It was sweet and full of earl grey deliciousness. I took my time to eat it so I can enjoy every bite. I wished I had a whole tub of that earl grey cream because it was just amazing!

Black Sesame Hazelnut Crunch Mousse Cake
Diane had the Black Sesame Hazelnut Crunch Mousse cake which she thought was just amazing, especially with the different combination of flavors and textures. She actually didn't finish it because our lunch was already filling, so she saved it to indulge on later that day.

I am very glad to have tried and visited Bibble & Sip especially to see what my friends were bragging about. I was a little disappointed in the size of this place with limited seating and standing room. I have found another reason to return and that's to try their Matcha cream puff. For those of you who haven't been here, you definitely need to visit it at least once and if you fell in love like I did, a second time.


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