10Below - Chinatown, NYC

After hearing and reading months of hype about 10Below in Chinatown, my boyfriend and I along with my sister and her fiancé got a chance to visit the much-talked about 10Below. It's located close to the beginning/end of Mott Street in Chinatown and is actually below.

It gets crazy packed here as I've seen and heard which is why we decided to come on a not-so-busy time - early Sunday afternoon. There was already people coming in for the rolled ice cream before us. There's limited seating, so keep your eyes peeled for seats as soon as they open up or at least a place to stand and eat.

Here's how the process works: You choose the mix-ins (candy, fresh fruit, cookies, etc.). They go into a cold plate along with liquid ice cream. The ice cream maker uses a bench scraper to chop and spread the mixture into a very thin sheet, which freezes in under two minutes. Then the sheet is scraped away from the ice cream maker to form ice cream rolls!

Here's a small video I took while waiting for the Matcha Made in Heaven concoction:

Matcha Made in Heaven
I got the Matcha Made in Heaven with additional toppings of strawberries and coconut. Will and I shared this. The texture and taste was definitely different from the one I had at 321 Ice Cream. There was strawberries incorporated in the ice cream which gave it a nice flavor as well as a pleasant tartness. It was absolutely delightful and just melted so graciously in my mouth.

S'mores Galore
My sister's fiancé  got the S'mores Galore, but also added an array of items as you can see. He added pretzels, an Oreo, and graham crackers. This is definitely a cup of fatty delicious dessert. I don't think I could be as bold or daring as he is in getting such a heavy dessert especially after dim sum.

Overall, 10Below is definitely a gem and although other spots are falling into the rolled ice cream family too; it's still different and unique. The hype is definitely somewhat true and the rolled ice cream is definitely yummy! However, I don't think I would or could survive in the chaotic line in the evening, so best to come during it's opening time and early. Now it's time to try the Flushing location soon.


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