Petite Abeille

It was an early Sunday morning when Will finished his doctor's appointment in Gramercy Park in the city and we needed breakfast since we went to the doctor's office on an empty stomach. I quickly looked up a restaurant on Yelp and Petite Abeille came on my search, so we opted for it and drove to Flatiron District/Chelsea and got a parking spot without any issues.

It's tucked away on 17th street and walking in, the restaurant is narrow, country and rustic decor. It may seem like seats are limited while walking in, but they actually have a secluded section towards the back and a little outdoor patio. We were seated right away when we arrived and got to sit in the back section.

Iced Coffee
After we ordered, first came my Iced Coffee - can't really have any breakfast utside without something caffeinated. 

Omelet Maison
Will is an absolute salmon lover - raw and cooked! He got the Omelet Maison ($14.25) which contains smoked salmon laid perfectly on potato pancakes/hash and topped off with crème fraîche, chives, and there was a side of arugula too. The salmon appeared to be cooked medium rare and Will was sick that day and all week, but he still enjoyed this dish.

Eggs in Purgatory
I'm an egg fan especially when it came to breakfast and the Eggs in Purgatory ($13.75)  looked really good on Yelp, so I ordered it. Basically it's a hot and sizzling platter of cheese with roast tomato, Bechamel sauce, coddled eggs, and gratin with a side of crunchy toasted bread. I really enjoyed this dish because not only was it cheesy goodness, but it was like bread and dip to me and it was fun to eat.

Runny Yolk FTW!
In conclusion, we both really like this place and I later found out they have promotions and specials throughout the week, which is awesome! I normally don't find out about promotions and specials until I arrive to a restaurant or from word-of-mouth. So here's the breakdown of their specials:

Mondays: 1/2 price on all Belgian beers
Tuesdays: 1/2 price on all bottles of wine
Wednesdays:  All-You-Can-Eat Mussels and a beer for: $27.00

(Not sure what the promotions are for Thursday - Sunday)

Mondays: Flash Seared Salmon, Quinoa
Tuesdays: Jerk Chicken
Wednesdays: Veal Milanese
Thursdays: Coq Au Vin
Friday: Fish & Chips
Saturday: Chicken & Waffles

Sounds good doesn't it? Well after I learned about these specials and promotions, I am definitely returning mostly for the AYCE Mussels on Wednesdays. Love the food that we had, it was very simple and rustic. This is definitely a restaurant that's worth a second and many more visits.


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