Food Market: Eataly NYC

On Sunday's post, I mentioned that I visited Chelsea Market and Eataly for a school project that I had to complete. Today's post is about my first experience at Eataly which has been on my list of places to visit for a while. Eataly is the largest Italian marketplace in the world and a foodie destination.

After our visit to Chelsea Market, Will and I took the M23 bus across to Flatiron District to embark on our next adventure. I was warned that Eataly is very crowded on weekends and to try and avoid going on the weekends if I can, but I didn't listen. Honestly, the day I went it was about 60-70 degrees absolutely beautiful and to my surprise Eataly wasn't that crowded.

The main entrance of Eataly is very spacious, big, and grand. It felt like I was walking into a bank and they also have high ceilings. I also like that they have an information desk inside the market where you can speak with an guest service associate if you have questions or comments and at the desk, there's a map and relevant information for you to take.

There's a lot of signage at Eataly with neat quotes and you most definitely won't get lost at Eataly because there are signs that remind you of what area you are in and where check-out is located.

Everything at Eataly is neat, organized, and well-stocked. Eataly has different restaurants and cafes inside the market, but I didn't eat at any of them except for the Nutella Bar. They also have a rooftop beer garden which I also didn't get a chance to visit, but will do so when there's time.

After I completed my picture taking and writing my notes, Will and I took a break and just sat down to relax our feet and grab a treat at the Nutella Bar. I heard the gelato at Eataly is pretty good so we got that and possibly one of the best iced coffees I've ever had. The iced coffee was made with Lavazza beans which was heaven. It definitely did not taste burnt and had just the right amount of bitterness. For our gelato, we tried hazelnut and caramel which I wasn't very crazy about and it was a little too sweet.

All in all, I really liked Eataly and the experience was pleasant. I felt very welcomed, relaxed, and comfortable at Eataly. The customer service and customers are very friendly and nice. I definitely want to return soon to try one of the restaurants and to have their amazing iced coffee again.


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