Food Market: Chelsea Market , NYC

It feels good to be back on blogging especially since I have a lot of food adventures to share with you.

Last month, I went to visit both Chelsea Market and Eataly, both of which are foodie destinations for a school project/presentation that I had to complete. Today, I will be sharing with you about my visit to Chelsea Market and thoughts.

I've been to Chelsea Market 2-3 times already, but didn't know anything about the history of the building or the building at all.

The building has an industrial, woodsy, and stripped-down brick walls, The lighting is quite dim between 9th avenue & 10th avenue, but there's a beautiful lighted walkway in the center of market.

Chelsea Market was actually built  in the former National Biscuit Company (Nabisco) factory complex where the Oreo cookie was invented and produced. The display case is filled with assorted vintage Nabisco memorabilia, including old Saltine tins vintage advertisements and even a clock. 

There's a beautiful lighted walkway at the center of the market that I've never seen before and it is absolutely gorgeous and bright!

Most of the stores are bright, inviting, and has big signs to let you know where you are. There are some stores that do get extremely crowded.

Overall, I feel Chelsea Market is quite pricey especially when eating in the restaurants. It gets very crowded here on Saturday and I know because I came on a Saturday afternoon. It also gets very crowded here on Friday afternoons too, so I would suggest not coming on the weekends or Friday. 


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