Cull & Pistol Oyster Bar at Chelsea Market

During the visit at Chelsea Market, Will and I made a stop at Cull & Pistol Oyster Bar which is located next to The Lobster Place for lunch. The lunch menu actually says "All seafood  is provided by our sister company, The Lobster Place, next door." which is good to know as a customer and if you are a seafood lover.

The restaurant is quite small, dim lights. I like that the restaurant was divided by half of it was table and seats whereas the other half was counter and bar. We chose to sit at a table. Our waitress was very friendly, helpful, and nice. Unfortunately, two customers were sat in the table next to us and they were constantly staring at us, our food, and as I was carrying out my food photography in front of Will. The experience became uncomfortable as they kept staring. Food was average, but the price was quite ridiculous. 

Homemade Iced Tea
Will and I ordered their iced tea which we later learned that it was homemade, which is always a plus in our books. The Homemade Iced Tea wasn't sweetened, so our waitress provided us with a container of sugar to add our own liking. The iced tea was very refreshing!

Will ordered the Lobster Ramen (that's the first time we've seen lobster ramen on a menu) and it was $21.00. This was by far the MOST expensive ramen we've experienced. The ramen had the typical toppings you would expect at a typical ramen shop: bamboo shoots, runny egg, corn, and scallions. The lobster ramen also contained the claw & knuckle, mushrooms, chili oil bathed in a lobster-miso broth.

Kudos for giving us the meaty lobster chunks, but the broth was sub par. The broth came in a gravy boat that was poured into the bowl which I thought was interesting. I don't know why I was expecting the broth to be thick, cream-like almost like a Tonkotsu broth consistency, but nope. The broth had acidity in it which was very weird and threw off the whole ramen. The noodles were thick and wavy and cooked al dente.

Lobster Roll - Connecticut Style
I opted for the Lobster Roll - Connecticut Style which tasted delightful, but the price of it was a little too expensive. The lobster was warmed in lobster butter & lemon with kewpie mayonnaise and toasted with top split bun. The lobster was on point and tasted amazing especially with lobster butter goodness. They gave plenty of new bay fries which was fried to perfection and had a slight crunch to it.

Overall, the experience here was a hit and miss mostly because the customers next to us were an annoyance to us, prices of the food were steep and although my lobster roll was delicious, the ramen was a disappointment. This was by far of the most expensive lunch we've ever had or at least so far. I definitely think that the next time we are itching for seafood, we will return back to Mussels & More or a less expensive seafood restaurant.


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