Brownstone Pancake Factory - Edgewater, NJ

I found out that Brownstone Pancake Factory opened a second location in New Jersey and I knew instantly that Will and I had to go visit it. The drive from home to Brownstone in Edgewater is a bit of a stretch, more so than from home to Brownstone in Jersey City.

The location in Jersey City is the original location and has more of a classical diner vibe to it where as the new one feels more modern, chic, and fresh. This location has a parking lot, but it's tight and also valet unlike the one in Jersey City.

We were seated immediately when we arrived and was given a list of brunch specials and their standard menu. We both decided to order from the Brunch Specials.

Iced Tea & Iced Coffee
We started off with two beverages - iced tea and iced coffee to accompany our brunch.

Chicken Orzo & French Onion Soup
The Brunch Specials menu includes soup of the day. I got the Chicken Orzo and French Onion soup. The chicken orzo soup tasted and felt very healthy and warm, perfect for the chilly weather. Will's been on a French onion soup binge, so when he saw it on the menu he ordered it. The French onion soup was perfect! The cheese was perfectly broiled and gooey. The soup was flavorful and rich!

Brownstone's Mini Waffles Eggs Benedict
I ordered the Brownstone's Mini Waffles Eggs Benedict and it was definitely adorable and beautifully plated. Two of the mini waffles were topped off with Canadian bacon and a poached egg drizzled with Hollandaise sauce and one mini waffle topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries.

I've never really had a savory waffle before so this was a different experience. The mini eggs Benedict waffle was mediocre. I think I prefer my waffles to be nutty with a dash of sweetness to it. I actually liked the mini waffle with fresh strawberries and blueberries because it was fresh and lightly sweet.

Jersey Chicken & Pancakes
Will ordered the Jersey Chicken & Pancakes which is buttermilk pancakes baked with bacon and cheddar and topped off with crispy fried chicken tenders drizzled with sour cream and confectionery sugar. His dish looked very filling and delicious. Unfortunately, Will wasn't a fan of this dish because he's not a fan of Chicken & Waffles and similar dishes. I tried his dish and the crispy fried chicken tenders were really crispy, fried, and has good flavor. Adding bacon and cheddar to the pancakes was a neat idea.

Overall, I liked the Brownstone Pancake Factory in Edgewater, NJ. It's very clean, chic, and relaxing to dine here. It's completely different from the original Brownstone in Jersey City. Will prefers the original location just because it's closer and ample parking space and not valet. He also prefers the homey, diner vibe. The food was very different from the original Brownstone and I don't recall if they have these dishes on the menu in Jersey City. I would like to come back here again and maybe order a different dish to see how I feel about the food here.


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