Ramen Quest: Zundo-Ya in East Village, NYC

Zundo-Ya has been one of the newest addition to the ramen joints in New York City. It's tucked away on the side stress of where the infamous Ippudo is and unlike other ramen spots, the space at Zundo-Ya is open and has large communal tables.

I came here with my friend (former colleague) to catch up and plus we are both ramen fanatics. We arrived at 6PM on a weekday and luckily it wasn't crowded. The staff were extra perky and ready to serve. Service was on point and the experience was pleasant.

The menu was straight to the point. So far Zundo-Ya is the only ramen joint that I know that lets you choose the noodle type and broth richness which ranges from light, regular, rich, and super rich. The waiter told us that super rich has a gravy-like consistency, so we both stuck with rich for our ramen.

Additional Toppings
First we received a plate of additional toppings which were: sesame seeds, pickled ginger, and spicy cabbage).

My friend ordered the Kaarage and another friend once told me that kaarage is amazing with ramen, but I just ate it separately. It was crunchy, juicy, and tasty. This one came with Japanese mayo, salt and pepper to dip. I think I would order this again on my next ramen quest.

Pan-fried Gyoza
I always have gyoza when I am on a ramen quest. The gyoza had a nice pan-fried texture, slight crunch. The filling was tasty and had good flavor.

Ajitama Hot Ramen
My friend had the Ajitama Hot Ramen ($17.00) and I give him credit for ordering a hot and spicy bowl of ramen. Although it was appropriate on the day we went since it was still Winter at the time. The ramen had Zundo-Ya's classic Tonkotsu with slices of roasted pork, medium-boiled egg, scallions, and seaweed. They have a non-spicy version of this available too.

Ajitama Ramen
I ordered the non-spicy version of what my friend had and also known as the "Signature Dish". The ramen had everything my friend's bowl had minus the spicy sauce.

The noodles I got were the thick wavy noodles and they were delicious and cooked to al dente which I liked very much.  The Ajitama Ramen was $15.00 and it was well worth it. The medley of all the ingredients made the broth super delicious and everything looked so bright, inviting, and vibrant.

I would most definitely return especially because they have a variety of ramen to choose from and next time I want to try the Zenbunose Ramen which literally has all Zundo-Ya's ingredients, so how can you say no to that. I haven't returned yet, but soon I will make another trip and I highly recommend this spot. It's new. It's fun and worth every penny.

Service: 90%
Food: 90%
Taste: 85%
Likelihood to return: 100%


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