321 Ice Cream Shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

After having dinner at Aurora, our next stop was for dessert at 321 Ice Cream Shop where our friend told us that you can see liquid nitrogen in action. It sounded like an exciting science experiment. 

It's a mid-sized and cozy ice cream shop. They have a few seating areas and their menu is on a screen where you can see when you come in.

There is special discount on Yelp, but unfortunately you can only use it on your actual birthday not any time earlier or later.

Liquid Nitrogen in Action

Green Tea & Rocky Road
Our friends Sam and Alex had the Rocky Road which was interesting and tasted like coffee. Will and I got the Green Tea which I fell literally head over heels for! I've had a lot of green tea desserts before, but this was by far the best one! It was soft, moist, not too sweet, and the green tea Kit Kat bars really added a unique aspect to the ice cream and crunch.

All in all, I really liked the Green Tea ice cream. I think it would be even more delightful if they came out with a Thai Iced Tea flavor. It would be a lot tastier and unique.


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