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321 Ice Cream Shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

After having dinner at Aurora, our next stop was for dessert at 321 Ice Cream Shop where our friend told us that you can see liquid nitrogen in action. It sounded like an exciting science experiment. 
It's a mid-sized and cozy ice cream shop. They have a few seating areas and their menu is on a screen where you can see when you come in.

There is special discount on Yelp, but unfortunately you can only use it on your actual birthday not any time earlier or later.

Our friends Sam and Alex had the Rocky Road which was interesting and tasted like coffee. Will and I got the Green Tea which I fell literally head over heels for! I've had a lot of green tea desserts before, but this was by far the best one! It was soft, moist, not too sweet, and the green tea Kit Kat bars really added a unique aspect to the ice cream and crunch.

All in all, I really liked the Green Tea ice cream. I think it would be even more delightful if they came out with a Thai Iced Tea flavor. It would be a lot …

Aurora in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

So for the next birthday celebration, Will and I had dinner with Sam and Alex at Aurora. This restaurant was recommended by my friend (former colleague) that I had dinner with at Zundo-Ya. He recommended Aurora a long time ago and I finally got to try it.

I love the name and the decor and ambiance matches perfectly with the name. The decor and ambiance is rustic, intimate, but also elegant. They also have outdoor seating in the backyard, but the evening we went it was chilly and cloudy outside so we couldn't do the outdoor dining. I am definitely going to have to return to experience the outdoor dining. 
Aurora has an extensive wine menu, but also serves beer as well. Will and I didn't have wine or beer, but Sam and Alex did.
For appetizers, we had the Fritto Misto ($18.00) which was flash fried white shrimp, Rhode Island squid and seasonal vegetables with salsa tonnata. I don't know why I ordered this and should have inquired exactly what it was. It basically tasted and f…

Birthday Dinner at Basta Pasta - Flatiron, NYC

As you may or may not know, my birthday was last month and I had multiple celebrations (good cause I ate a lot of delicious foods, but bad because the calories added up). The first celebration was at Basta Pasta with my girlfriends and Will. Will and I have already been to Basta Pasta for our 3rd year anniversary, but I wanted to give Basta Pasta a second chance. 
We came to Basta Pasta on a Friday evening and boy was it a packed house, but luckily we made reservations so we didn't have to struggle with the wait. 
We started off with drinks. I got a Red Sangria and everyone else got the Pompelmo. The red sangria was very refreshing and fruity, loved it!  Everyone else got the Pompelmo (fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, fresh mint, soda, tonic *non-alcoholic*) and it was refreshing as well!
We got an assortment of bread, breadsticks, and bread with fish spread. I've had the bread with fish spread before, but amazingly it didn't taste fishy at all.
We shared four appetizers:

Ramen Quest: Zundo-Ya in East Village, NYC

Zundo-Ya has been one of the newest addition to the ramen joints in New York City. It's tucked away on the side stress of where the infamous Ippudo is and unlike other ramen spots, the space at Zundo-Ya is open and has large communal tables.

I came here with my friend (former colleague) to catch up and plus we are both ramen fanatics. We arrived at 6PM on a weekday and luckily it wasn't crowded. The staff were extra perky and ready to serve. Service was on point and the experience was pleasant.

The menu was straight to the point. So far Zundo-Ya is the only ramen joint that I know that lets you choose the noodle type and broth richness which ranges from light, regular, rich, and super rich. The waiter told us that super rich has a gravy-like consistency, so we both stuck with rich for our ramen.

First we received a plate of additional toppings which were: sesame seeds, pickled ginger, and spicy cabbage).

My friend ordered the Kaarage and another friend once told me that kaarag…

Brownstone Pancake Factory - Edgewater, NJ

I found out that Brownstone Pancake Factory opened a second location in New Jersey and I knew instantly that Will and I had to go visit it. The drive from home to Brownstone in Edgewater is a bit of a stretch, more so than from home to Brownstone in Jersey City.

The location in Jersey City is the original location and has more of a classical diner vibe to it where as the new one feels more modern, chic, and fresh. This location has a parking lot, but it's tight and also valet unlike the one in Jersey City.

We were seated immediately when we arrived and was given a list of brunch specials and their standard menu. We both decided to order from the Brunch Specials.

We started off with two beverages - iced tea and iced coffee to accompany our brunch.
The Brunch Specials menu includes soup of the day. I got the Chicken Orzo and French Onion soup. The chicken orzo soup tasted and felt very healthy and warm, perfect for the chilly weather. Will's been on a French onion soup binge, s…

Ramen Quest: Ramen Setagaya, East Village

Happy April everyone! It's been a crazy, busy two weeks from taking care of my sick boyfriend, taking care of his home while his parents were away, taking care of myself, working, school, birthday celebrations, and etc. I finally have room to breathe for now that his parents are back, he's not sick anymore - just allergies, and project deadlines for class are a month away.

I've been really behind in blogging for this blog and Big City Little Adventures and Yelp, so now it's time to play a little catch up until I suffocate myself with my final projects, so you're going to see a lot of long overdue posts, but please don't judge or be disappointed.

Mid-January, I met up with Waz of Let's Nom Nom for lunch in St. Marks/East Village. I've heard mixed reviews about Ramen Setagaya, but I wanted to try it out and see how it was for myself. We met up after the lunch rush which was perfect because it was very empty, spacious, and soothing at Ramen Setagaya.

I ord…