Valentine's Day Dinner at BKNY Thai Restaurant

BKNY Thai Restaurant
47-11 Francis Lewis Boulevard Bayside, NY 11361718.281.1900

Will and I decided to have Valentine's Day dinner at BKNY Thai Restaurant in Bayside, Queens since we were already in the area watching a movie that day. 

We arrived around 6PM and already it was crowded. It took a while for the hostess to find us and when she did she said it will take about 10 minutes, even though I already saw there were tables available. 

There were no Valentine's Day specials at BKNY, so we had no choice but to order from their regular menu and here's what we ended up with -

Thai Ice Teas
We got Thai Ice Tea as a beverage. A Thai meal doesn't feel quite complete without a glass of Thai Ice Tea, don't you agree?

Crispy Calamari
We ordered the Crispy Calamari for our appetizer. The crispy calamari were crunchy and crisp, but lacked flavor.

Seafood Pad See Euw & Seafood Pad Thai
Will and I both got seafood with noodles. He had the Seafood Pad See Euw and I had the Seafood Pad Thai. They were both decent, but not the best Thai noodles dishes we had. I found that my seafood wasn't cooked thoroughly and the inside of one or two shrimp still seemed a little clear.

Lady M Mille Crepe Cake 
Will and I decided to order a dessert to share since it was Valentine's Day and we were in the mood for a sweet treat. I asked for the dessert menu and what did our waitress bring us? She just brought us a take-out/paper menu with a list of the desserts available. How special! 

I ordered the Lady M Mille Crepe Cake and I specifically asked for the green tea one, but at first the waiter brought out a plain Lady M Mille Crepe Cake and I said to my boyfriend that's not green and that's not what we ordered. I guess the waitress heard me or realized they made a mistake and took the wrong one away and brought the right one back.

I've had this dessert before and I really like it! I love the thin layers of the green tea flavor. It's rich, just the right amount of creaminess, and delicious.

Overall, I feel the service was decent but could be improved just by a little bit. Food didn't taste as good as when I first started coming here. I also wished since it was Valentine's Day they could have had a special menu or a special in general.


  1. A belated Happy Valentine's Day. I love Thai iced tea, and I'm still trying to figure out how to make some myself. The green tea crepe cake looks delicious:)

    1. Thank you for commenting! Happy Belated Valentine's Day to you too! Making Thai Iced Tea is on my list of foods to try & make.

  2. Your Valentine's Day Dinner looks very interesting at this Thai restaurant. Thanks for sharing the reviews. I too attended a wedding party on Valentine’s Day at one of iconic venues in Los Angeles. They had also arranged Thai food for ceremony and it very yummy. I really loved the food and enjoyed ceremony.


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