Soba-Ya - Something Out of the Oridinary

229 East 9th Street New York, NY 10003

My girlfriend Diane & I met up here about two months ago for dinner and to catch up. We came on a Friday night at 6PM and already tables were getting filled quick. It's a small place, but with decent food. The restaurant was very clean and staff was very friendly and helpful.

Cold Soba Tea
I wanted to try the Cold Soba Tea which is really just roasted buckwheat tea. I liked the tea very much, it had just the right amount of roast-like flavor. The tea wasn't very strong which I liked.

Oyako Don
Diane didn't want soba noodles because she found out the broth is made with fish and apparently she doesn't eat fish/seafood (I never knew that before).so she got the Oyako Don instead which is egg and poached chicken over rice. 

Kitsune Noodle
(Not sure why my photo was set like this by default when I uploaded it)

Since the day we went was freezing, I decided to order and try their hot noodles. I ordered the Kitsune Noodle which was soba noodle soup with fried bean curd. I must admit the noodles are quite expensive compared to Cocoron and I wasn't too impressed with this particular noodle soup. The broth could have used more flavor.

All in all,it was nice to experience a different type of food with my friend Diane since we both usually eat ramen or Filipino. I think I would much prefer Cocoron though. The broth and quality tastes a lot better.


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