Desserts That Really Hit The Spot

I've recently had a second opportunity to try Spot Dessert Bar with my girlfriend Diane. She's never been to Spot Dessert Bar so I decided to take her after our dinner at Soba-Ya.

We took a risk and came on a Friday night around 6PM and luckily there was no wait for us and we were seated immediately. I talked Diane into trying the 3 Tapas for $23.95, so we had the following:

Chocolate Forest
Diane wanted to try the Chocolate Forest which contained pistachio and apricot covered choco mousse cake with chocolate filling and pistachio ice cream. The chocolate forest looked beautiful and amazing! My friend Diane was completely intrigued by how beautiful the dessert was and really, really enjoyed it. To her, it was dessert heaven. Unfortunately, she couldn't finish the entire dessert so she took it home.

Chocolate Green Tea Lava Cake
I got their famous Chocolate Green Tea Lava Cake as I did my first time too. I've been craving for this chocolate and green tea deliciousness for a very long time. It was the perfect dessert to have after a stressful week at the time I had this. I was super full after eating the chocolate green tea lava cake all by myself.

Kabocha Brulee Cake
The last dessert we had was the Kabocha Brulee Cake which was a warm caramelized pumpkin cake, cookie crumbs, condensed milk, and ice cream. I absolutely loved this! The Kabocha Brulee Cake was like Autumn in a cake form. It tasted like pumpkin, cinnamon and just absolutely wonderful. 

All in all, Diane & I had a great experience here. Unfortunately, we were a little too full that we couldn't finish all of the desserts. I am glad she enjoy Spot Dessert Bar and hopefully we will return soon.


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