Yaso Tangbao - Soup Dumplings Making Their Mark in Downtown Brooklyn

Yaso Tangbao
148 Lawrence Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

This is a long overdue post, but just an FYI: a Shanghainese restaurant has landed in Downtown Brooklyn! I first heard of Yaso Tangbao from the New York City Dumpling Festival back in September 2015 and when I heard they were opening up just 1/2 block from where I used to work, I was excited!

Yaso Tangbao isn't like your typical Shanghainese restaurants, but rather it is a counter-serve, fast-casual restaurant. I came on a Friday afternoon with Will and boy was it crowded! There's a few communal tables and benches for you to sit on and eat as well as smaller tables that are ideal for one person or two people and counters with seats. The service is pretty quick and the staff here are very friendly!

Pork Xiao Long Bao
We started off with the pork xiao long bao ($8.50). That's quite expensive for the six golf ball sized dumplings we had, but at least the taste and quality was on par. They were freshly made, each one squirting out a rich and savory broth with a chunky pork filling. It was absolutely delicious and went well with the soy vinegar sauce.

Chicken Curry Pan-Fried Noodles
We also had the chicken curry pan-fried noodles, but it wasn't what we really expected it to be. The noodles were very crunchy! The sauce and chicken wasn't on par. There wasn't much taste to it and the sauce was so watered down. I don't think I would order this again.

The xiao long bao was phenomenal, but still too expensive for me. The owner reached out to me on Yelp and informed me that there have been price and menu adjustments, so I may be inclined to return to Yaso Tangbao to give it another shot.


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