Wine, Cheese, and Much More at The Cellar

The Cellar
900 Broadway New York, NY 100003

Our friend Sam planned Alex's birthday surprise at The Cellar which is located downstairs from Beecher's Handmade Cheese. The Cellar is absolutely stunning! Dim lights, relaxing atmosphere, and ideal for small groups, but not the best place to take for a first date. The Cellar is a perfect place for a friend or someone that is a wine and cheese lover or just loves good food.

Service was on point and food was phenomenal!

We did two cheese plates and one meat plate (don't remember the names, sorry). It was an interesting and different way of enjoying food, something that Will and I don't typically do.

Some of our friends had a bottle of wine, but Will and I just kept it casual and had:

Original Sin & Pumpkin Ale
Will got the Original Sin and I got the Pumpkin Ale. The Pumpkin Ale was different, tasted more wheat than pumpkin. We also ordered a few different entrees/appetizers to share and try.

Crab, old bay, aioli, bread crumbs (Mac & Cheese)
A friend ordered this to share and oh boy, was it full of crab and cheese deliciousness. Every bite was like crab and cheese heaven. This was possibly the second best mac & cheese I've had so far.

Pork belly, Pickeled Fennel Stem (Mac & Cheese)
Another friend ordered a mac & cheese and it tasted yummy, but not as good as the crab mac & cheese.

Mushroom Tart
I ordered the Mushroom Tart (shitake, crimini, and portabella) and it was pure mushroom creamy heaven! The tart was buttery, crunchy, and tasted really good with the creamy mushroom sauce. It was on the saltier side, but overall I liked it.

Will ordered the mussels. These definitely weren't the best mussels we've had because they were tiny and there wasn't much mussels at all. The sauce/broth felt a little bland.

All in all, I did like the atmosphere at The Cellar. It was a different dining experience compared to what I am used to. I would definitely come back here again to taste some of their wine and dishes again. I would highly recommend coming here for someone's birthday, it's a nice and relaxing atmosphere and perfect for a wine & cheese lover!


  1. The Cellar is such a great spot! I love coming here for birthdays and to catch up with friends. The mushrooms on that tart are so yummy!

    1. Yeah I thought The Cellar was interesting, but not a fan much of cheese.


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