Birthday Dinner at Mr. Soon Tofu

Mr. Soon Tofu
152-22 Northern Boulevard Flushing, NY 11354

I came here with Will and our friends to celebrate a friend's birthday. We made reservations ahead of time so we had a table ready for us. The restaurant had two different rooms for dining. Unfortunately, the food was mediocre and service is in serious need of an improvement.

At Korean restaurants, servers typically give you Banchan and at Mr. Soon Tofu, they sure gave a lot of Banchan. There were at most 10-15 different items and when we asked for extras they would give it to us - free of charge!

I was actually not too impressed with their version of Japchae because it was very, very oily and unseasoned. It just felt like we were eating a blob of oily noodles.

Beef Soondubu
Will and I shared the beef soondubu (non-spicy) and it was actually our first time trying a soondubu and I loved it! It was hearty, rich, warm, and yummy! Perfect for a chilly or winter-like day like today.

The bibimbap was okay, not as savory or as delicious as the ones I've had before.

Seafood Pancake
We also had the seafood pancake which wasn't too pleasing either. It wasn't crunchy nor tasty as the ones I've had before and there was not much taste to it.

I really liked the bulgogi! It was a little expensive, but at least it taste good and had a light sweetness to it.

We brought a cake for our friend's birthday, but the staff didn't help with presenting the cake or cutting of it and instead we had to do it ourselves, but at least our friend appreciated the nice gesture from us. 

Service and food quality definitely needs much improvement. I don't think I would be back here simply because the lack of good service and good food.


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