Prince Tea House in Brooklyn - Elegant Experience

Prince Tea House
6122 7th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11220

This is probably the most luxurious and beautiful tea house and dessert places I've ever been to! I felt like Will and I were a prince and princess the first time we came. So far we've been here twice - once with each other and once with our friends for late night tea and desserts.

The moment you step foot into Prince Tea House, you feel as though you're not in NYC and you forget your in a semi rundown, industrial, and busy area of Brooklyn. Prince Tea House is super cute, clean, and relaxing in here. Service is on point and if there's a dessert or food not available, the servers will inform you.

During the first experience at Prince Tea House, Will and I came on a  Sunday afternoon and we were sat in a section that was adorable, elegant, and had a nice floral feel to ti. We did a small lunch, tea, and desserts here.

Smoked Salmon sandwich 
Will ordered the Smoked Salmon sandwich with green salad & ranch dressing. He enjoyed the sandwich very much. The bread was toasted so it gave the sandwich a nice crunch. Salad was very simple and rustic.

Crabmeat Salad
I ordered the Crabmeat Salad and it came with it's own light dressing. It also came with the ranch dressing as well, but I didn't need it. The crabmeat salad was sure yummy! It tasted like a kani salad, but with more greens to mix. Loved this very much!

Potted Foam Mango Green Tea & Lavender Milk Tea
Will got the Potted Foam Mango Green Tea and I got the Lavender Milk Tea. I love how they both look like a pot of plant, it's a very nice and unique look. I also like the crushed chocolate bits in the tea too. I never had a Lavender tea before, but it was very light, floral, smelled so soothing and relaxing.

Trio Combo Mix 
I did the Trio Combo Mix for dessert which consisted of (Green Tea Financier, Cranberry Creme Brulee, Pata a Choux with strawberry ice cream). You can pick three desserts from a list of 6-8 desserts for $6.75! Do you have any idea how much this would cost in Manhattan or in a luxurious French or Italian bakery?

Any way, I wasn't too pleased with the Green Tea financiers and Cranberry Creme Brulee. The Green Tea financiers felt very hard and didn't have much green tea taste to it. The Cranberry Creme Brulee was very tart. The Pate a Choux with strawberry ice cream was the best and prepared beautifully!

Green Tea Mille Crepe Cake
Will ordered the Green Tea Mille Crepe Cake because they ran out of the Caramel Crepe Cake that he initially wanted. The green tea Mille crepe cake was surprisingly good! I'm not a huge fan of crepes or crepe-like cakes, but this was pretty damn good! Layers and layers of green tea deliciousness!

Overall, we really enjoyed our experience here at Prince Tea House! The food and decor is different from the typical foods and desserts we have in Brooklyn. I definitely want to come back soon. I still have yet to try their hot tea and still need to try their original location in Flushing as well..


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