Ocean City Eats: Barn 34 for Dinner

Barn 34
3400 Coastal Highway Ocean City, MD 21842

Barn 34 is and felt more like a breakfast and brunch spot, but my friends, Will, and I came here for dinner during our vacation in Ocean City.

The restaurant didn't have the laid back vibe like Hooked or On The Bay did. The decor and ambiance felt more like a morning, brunch type of spot.

We were all very excited to order our appetizers and entrees, but unfortunately there was some issues . A lot of the entrees we ordered, Barn 34 only had a limited amount left or even worse none left at all so we all either got what we wanted that was left or had to substitute with another ingredient.

For appetizers we had:

Blackened Scallops & Fried Green Tomatoes
Our friend ordered the Blackened Scallops and honestly the bacon wrapped scallops from Hooked were 5x better. I guess I am not a fan of eating blackened food. The Fried Green tomatoes with crab salad was mediocre. The breading didn't have enough seasoning or taste to it, nor did it feel crispy or crunchy. The crab salad was on point though.

Maryland Crab Soup
I saw the Maryland Crab Soup on the menu as many of my friends did too and we were excited to try it out. I asked for it in a bowl, but when it arrived to our table I was a little surprised. It wasn't cream based, instead it was tomato based. I wished there was an indication on the menu that the Maryland Crab Soup was tomato based. Unfortunately, the soup wasn't very appealing nor did it contain any bits or pieces of crab meat.

The New Yorker
Will was one of the lucky people at the table that got the 12 oz. stripped steak because Barn 34 was running low on the steak. The steak came with au jus and rosemary Parmesan fries & vod. Unfortunately, they ran out on some of the ingredients that were suppose to come with the steak, so he had to improvise with wild rice. Steak was okay, but not the best he's had. The presentation of the dish didn't seem to have much organization or flow to it.

Seared Scallops with Wild Mushrooms and Peas Risotto
I was really excited this dish when it was suppose to be Seared Scallops with Wild Mushrooms and Peas Risotto finished with brown butter. Unfortunately the restaurant ran out of risotto so I had to stick with the wild rice. I thought it wouldn't be so bad, but it was quite awful. Scallops were tender and just right and the wild rice was a boring addition. There was no sauce or anything. It was a very dry dish!

Not too many of our friends enjoyed Barn 34, simply because a lot of foods/ingredients were out of stock and we couldn't fully or completely enjoy the dishes we wanted to enjoy. I think the chances of me returning here would be quite slim, reason being that the restaurant doesn't seem to put much effort into improvising ingredients smoothly when a restaurant runs out on a lot of ingredients. 


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