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Prince Tea House in Brooklyn - Elegant Experience

Prince Tea House
6122 7th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11220

This is probably the most luxurious and beautiful tea house and dessert places I've ever been to! I felt like Will and I were a prince and princess the first time we came. So far we've been here twice - once with each other and once with our friends for late night tea and desserts.

The moment you step foot into Prince Tea House, you feel as though you're not in NYC and you forget your in a semi rundown, industrial, and busy area of Brooklyn. Prince Tea House is super cute, clean, and relaxing in here. Service is on point and if there's a dessert or food not available, the servers will inform you.

During the first experience at Prince Tea House, Will and I came on a  Sunday afternoon and we were sat in a section that was adorable, elegant, and had a nice floral feel to ti. We did a small lunch, tea, and desserts here.

Will ordered the Smoked Salmon sandwich with green salad & ranch dressing. He enjoyed…

Ocean City Eats: Because we were Hooked

8003 Coastal Highway Ocean City, MD 21842

I normally don't write about a restaurant/food spot twice unless it's been a long time and I made a recent visit that is worthy of another review or there's been a change at the restaurant/food spot that's worth sharing.

Before Will, my friends, and I left from Ocean City, we made one final last stop to Hooked. During our second visit we were able to experience dining indoors. The dining experience was comfortable and pleasant.

We ended up ordering the same exact appetizers as we did the first night since not all of our friends made it in time for dinner on the first night. Everything tasted just as good and fresh as it did on the first night we came to Hooked.

I also got a sweet iced tea during our lunch. It was very refreshing and cool, great for a hot Summer day.
A trip to Ocean City, Maryland would be incomplete if we didn't have a crab cake so we did. Will and I ordered the crab cake sandwich which…

Ocean City Eats: Barn 34 for Dinner

Barn 34 3400 Coastal Highway Ocean City, MD 21842

Barn 34 is and felt more like a breakfast and brunch spot, but my friends, Will, and I came here for dinner during our vacation in Ocean City.

The restaurant didn't have the laid back vibe like Hooked or On The Bay did. The decor and ambiance felt more like a morning, brunch type of spot.

We were all very excited to order our appetizers and entrees, but unfortunately there was some issues . A lot of the entrees we ordered, Barn 34 only had a limited amount left or even worse none left at all so we all either got what we wanted that was left or had to substitute with another ingredient.

For appetizers we had:

Our friend ordered the Blackened Scallops and honestly the bacon wrapped scallops from Hooked were 5x better. I guess I am not a fan of eating blackened food. The Fried Green tomatoes with crab salad was mediocre. The breading didn't have enough seasoning or taste to it, nor did it feel crispy or crunchy. The …

Ocean City Eats: Shenanigan's Irish Pub & Grille

Shenanigan's Irish Pub & Grille
309 N Atlantic Avenue Ocean City, MD 21842

Will and I stopped by Shenanigan's Irish Pub & Grille for a snack/lunch along the boardwalk.

There's a decent amount of tables and booths.  The pub is decorated with different flags and etc. The decor is a little outdated, definitely needs an upgrade. Our waitress was very nice and friendly.

For beverages, I ordered just a sweet tea and Will had the Traditional Orange Crush (seems to be a popular drink in Ocean City, MD).

For appetizer/side we ordered the Guinness® Gravy Waffle Fries which were one of the best fries I've ever had! It's not so much the taste of the fries, but the sauce was brilliant and the way the fries were fried. The fries were beer battered, so more alcohol for the win, but really though the fries were crunchy and fried to perfection. There were three other waffle fries to choose from, but these sounded the most tempting!

Chessie's Crab Mac-n-Chee…

The Best Things We've Ate in 2015

Happy New Year to our fellow followers and foodies! Hope 2016 is starting off well for you!

It's that time of the year again! We've compiled a list of the best things we've ate in 2015 and where you can find it. 

2015 has been really an amazing year and I had the opportunity to try a lot of different foods and cuisines with my family, Will, and friends. Now, here's our list and hope it'll inspire you to try these dishes and drinks -

*Note: these dishes and drinks aren't arrange in any specific order*

15.  Who knew that a salad pizza could taste so good? During our first time at Luigi Pizza, I ordered a Caesar Salad slice and man, was it one of the best slices I've ever had! The Caesar salad slice had a nice crunch to it. The Caesar salad had crispy chicken (it was actually crispy), romaine lettuce, cheese, and Caesar dressing around the slice. It was mouth-watering delicious. I highly recommend getting this slice if you ever stop by Luigi Pizza.
14. Last Sep…