Seafood Galore at Seamore's

390 Broome Street New York, NY  10013

My sister, cousins, and I came here for dinner on a Thursday around 6PM and surprisingly, it was already getting crowded and busy. We came here mostly because it was a new spot at that opened up and plus my cousin is pescetarian so we wanted to take her somewhere she would be comfortable with.

The atmosphere is very lively, laid back, and fun. Seamore's is a good spot to check out if you or someone is a seafood lover or simply just love good food! The staff here are very friendly, enthusiastic, and helpful. You won't be disappointed.

We started off with drinks and we all got something different. I tried their cucumber mint drink(non-alcoholic) because it sounded really refreshing, but I wasn't too impressed with it because it tasted really bland. I felt that if it was more bubbly or sparkly it would taste and feel a lot better. Next time, I'll probably stick with the alcohol.

Oh-Boy Sandwich
I ordered the Oh-Boy sandwich was composed of lettuce, tomato,crispy skate, and a special sauce. The sandwich was suppose to come with pickled peppers, but I don't like spicy foods too much. For a side, I got the sweet potato friends. I wasn't too impressed with my sandwich because it tasted a little bland. However, I did like that the fish was fried to perfection and really crunchy and crispy. The sweet potato fries were delish!

Crispy Fish Tacos
My sister ordered the Crispy Fish Tacos which looked and smelled amazing! The tacos were composed of - cabbage, guacamole, and Chipotle mayo. My sister typically doesn't order tacos, but she really enjoyed it and the crispy fish was fried to perfection.

Blackened Catfish Sandwich with Seamore's Greens

Blackened Catfish sandwich with Sweet Potato Fries
For entrees - my cousins (brother & sister) both got the Blackened Catfish sandwiches which came with lettuce and tomatoes. My cousins both got different sides. One got sweet potato fries and the other got the Seamore's greens and another side dish (I forgot what it was). I didn't try their sandwiches, but it sure looked amazing!

Overall, I liked Seamore's and so did my cousins and sister. It's truly a nice and cute spot, but I think it would be more lunch appropriate than dinner appropriate. I think Seamore's is a great alternative if you don't want Asian food from Chinatown or Italian food in Little Italy. I'd definitely want to return here because their Seamore's clam chowder sure sounds yummy and tempting!


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