Ocean City Eats: Dinner at Hooked

8003 Coastal Highway Ocean City, MD 21842

I came here with Will and friends on our first night in Ocean City for Labor Day weekend. They really got us "hooked" because we came here twice - once for dinner and once for brunch. We also had the advantage of experiencing both outdoor and indoor dining. The food here is excellent and the staff are on point.

Dining outdoors was slightly uncomfortable because it's just tables and benches, but it felt nice in some instances because you can feel the ocean breeze.

Hooked doesn't take reservations. It was suppose to be a lot longer, but somehow we worked our magic and was able to get a table  after waiting for about 10-15 minutes for a table of 8.

Orange Crush & Margarita
Will and I ordered an Orange Crush & Margarita. I really liked our drinks from Hooked because they tasted fresh and refreshing. Perfect for a summer night!

We started off with the Buttermilk Battered Calamari with spicy mayo & mico celery.  The calamari was perfectly fried, crunchy, and delicious! Next, we had the Crab dip with Crostini which I really, really enjoyed! It was by far the best appetizer I've had so far. The crostini was really fresh and crunchy. The crab dip was fantastic! Full of cheese and crab goodness! We also had the bacon-wrapped scallops and it looked amazing, but I wasn't a huge fan of it even though I like scallops. The scallops were wrapped in bacon which to some is like heaven, but to me I wasn't a huge fan. I also wished the scallops were pan-fried and had a crunch to it.

Roasted corn & Jalapeno crab bisque
Will and I also shared the Roasted corn & Jalapeno crab bisque. We loved how rich, tasty, and smooth the crab bisque was. There was no hint of jalapeno, so for those that are allergic to spicy foods; you have nothing to fear! The bisque tasted really fresh and hearty. This was one of the highlights of our time at Hooked.

Bread Basket
This is a complimentary bread basket/plate that our server gave us. It was fresh and tasty!

Crab cake
This is a crab cake dish that our friend Samantha ordered. Looked pretty tasty and appetizing!

I ordered the Cioppino and it was composed of shrimp,scallops, clams, mussels,fin fish,chorizo, caramelized fennel, white wine tomato broth, pesto, and house crostini. It sounded amazing on the menu, but when it arrived in front, it didn't look nor taste amazing. There was just too much going on in this dish and plus my dish was very spicy to the point I couldn't enjoy it as much as I wished I could.

Surf n Turf
Will and I ordered the Surf n Turf and his dish sounded really yummy! It was composed of jumbo shrimp, 5 oz. filet, roasted swiss chard, fingerlings, baby carrots, baby onions, garlic confit, and meyer lemon yogurt with chili essence. Another dish that sounds like a lot is going on, but surprisingly the dish tasted heck lot better than mine. I enjoyed this dish.

Overall, we all really liked this place enough we came twice as I mentioned before. I really liked the bisque and appetizer for the most part. Although we've been here twice already, I will definitely want to return to Hooked some time in the near future.


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