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First off, finally I am writing on the blog after about two months hiatus. It's been really busy these last two months with school and work. I have a lot to catch up on with the blog, so you will be seeing a lot of long overdue posts, but may intrigue you and make you salivate.

Spice (Cobble Hill)
193 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

I visited this restaurant back in July with Will and two friends for a birthday dinner. We came on a Friday evening. I really enjoyed the atmosphere and decor because it had a nice, calm, and almost outdoorsy feeling and dim lighting. The service was adequate, no complaints. The staff were pretty friendly.

Strawberry Mojito
I thought it was interesting that Spices had Mojitos in different flavors (strawberry, lychee, mango). I got the strawberry one. It was light and refreshing, but didn't taste much alcohol in it. It felt slightly diluted.

Thai Ice Tea
Will ordered the Thai Ice Tea (at least his drink wasn't diluted) and it tasted very refreshing and smooth.

We ordered three appetizer to share among the four of us. Crispy Spring Rolls (carrots, basil, cabbage, vermicelli, and a lime-mustard sauce) were crunchy and had a nice crisp to it. The taste was mediocre. I wished we got more of a basil taste to the spring rolls. Curry Puffs (chicken, potatoes, onions with cucumber salad) - I've had this appetizer at many Thai restaurants before. Spice's version of it wasn't really what I thought it would be. I felt it was very hard to bite and not as soft as the ones I've had before. Chicken skewers with peanut sauce was the better appetizer. The chicken was grilled to perfection, moist, and tender. The peanut sauce was very rich, buttery, and creamy and complemented well with the chicken skewers.

Drunk Man Noodles with Beef
Will ordered the Drunk Man Noodles with Beef and although the rim of the plate was clean, the entree itself looked a bit messy and broken. It didn't look too appealing and as for the taste, it was mediocre.

Shrimp Pad Thai
I had the Shrimp Pad Thai and thankfully my dish looked a lot better and neat than Will's dish. In my opinion, this wasn't the best Pad Thai I've had. It felt very sweet and not enough tangy flavors in it. It also felt a little watery. 

I really wanted to love this restaurant because I love Thai food and I love the decor and atmosphere at this Spice location. The food just didn't feel up to par or nearly as good as some of the Thai food I've had before.


  1. Too bad this place wasn't that good. Do you have any recs for Thai food in Manhattan? It's been a while since I've had Thai, and I've been craving it!

    1. Here are a few Thai restaurants in Manhattan that I've enjoyed: ThaiNY, Ngam (the Chef from this restaurant fought against Iron Chef Bobby Flay in Iron Chef America) , and Pongsri).


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